This question has long been a cause for concern. It's complicated, not because I personally have doubts that business and ethics can and can be co-existed for a company to succeed. I say this because reality shows that despite the fact that most companies in the corporate world are called the "Code of Ethics", only a few of these companies actually go. In the meantime more and more companies and individuals find an excuse for their unethical behavior and accordingly those who continue to believe ethics in a difficult situation in which the latter have to compete against those who are less receptive. Unfortunately, ethical people often lose their struggle against those who do everything they can to get what they want. In fact, in today's world, the rule is more and more like ethical people than it is difficult to do in their careers and business, merely because they have to compete with the more common types of people on the market today, namely the disrespectful or many who are "smart" They called.

Almost every day we have to face situations where we have to make a decision, and we have to choose some ethics and another ethics that is less ethical, the latter, almost always like more rewards. For profit and success, most people sadly choose the latter to achieve their immediate goal.

There are many examples of unethical decisions that are born in the business world. Two examples arise. At a business level, I mean situations where a business implements a impoverished approach to remove competing businesses or individuals from their paths instead of honestly competing with them; At a personal level, I mean a situation in which a greedy employee is targeted by a competitor and receives bribes or commissions for reluctant confidential information that can help compete with the business opportunity from the employer. The sad part is that most people today, instead of condemning such behavior, describe it as a clever step and add, "You can not be a sheep among the wolves." They say that joining wolves is the only way to survive in today's world.

I wonder! When was it acceptable to be dishonest, clever and straight to evil? Why do honest people feel naive, or, more importantly, why they lose the chances of winning more cunning and less ethical people? Who made this number one successful rule? And is it a threat to the financial viability of a company or a person who is worth sacrificing his values ​​and allowing his ethics to get out of the window?

It does not have to be in my book. Good business ethics can and should be a successful business. Unethical businesses can be profitable in the short term, but they can never be successful. Unethical enterprise is a business without integrity. Such an enterprise can achieve immediate profitability, but will definitely face a long-term failure. This rule applies to all aspects of our lives. This is true not only because customers like to deal with value-based companies, but also because unfair business is like a rotten house that crashes in the hands of their own grown thermites. There is simply no solid foundation for the many storms he faces in his life.

So, what do you do to make ethics a yarn that wraps your company's fabric? 19659002] With 1-lead example. Inspire your employees and customers to do the right things.
2-Encourage your colleagues to do the right things and reward them.
3-Do not tolerate corporal corruption or unethical behavior.
4 No matter how profitable your partnership or business relationship is, do not take it when it means you're united with an unethical or individual company.
5-Finally, remember to win a good fight to win much more satisfying, regardless of whether you win or lose it than to win at another.

All these days are behind you and sitting in your chest of drawers to tell stories about your grandchildren about your achievements, you will not only proudly tell the story of honest life-struggles but also teach them how to live a sincere and just life. Only then would your short journey in this world make a difference and your life would not have been in vain.

Miranda Conyers
President and CEO of Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc.
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July 12, 2010

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