Like all sports or hobbies, dance has an ethical code and a code of conduct. One of the most important things that every dancer must remember is that everyone is there to feel good. We all have to share the dance floor and be kind and courteous to other dancers. Never see another dancer, either on a social dance floor or on a dance lesson, without asking for an application. If you are in class, remember to respect the instructor and other dancers.

Although you may have learned how the teacher teaches you, it is very possible that your partner will not. If there is a question, be sure to point it to the instructor. This is paid. Excessive chat disturbs the class and you or your partner will miss the little information you need to improve your dance or to perform a particular pattern. This sounds tough, but try to remember that everyone is learning there.

Appropriate clothing and footwear are strongly recommended. The last thing you want to dance is concerned that your clothes are surviving or uncomfortable or uncomfortable. As for foot wear, you need leather or suede skirt dancing shoes or boots. Thick rubber sole or shoes that fall off your feet may result in injury. Sandals can be particularly discomforting, even if there is no back strap.

As we all dance with a shower, clean clothes, deodorants and breath-holders are all right. It is also advisable to give up or use a perfume so that many people are sensitive to them. If you sweat generously, there is a towel and an extra t-shirt on the cards. Chewing gum is not recommended because it often ends on the floor, then some expensive dancing shoes. Not to mention that it looks quite sticky when you see a dancer in the dance floor with chewing gum.

All right and respect to the club or studio you're dancing. This is especially important in the classroom. Classrooms often have a mint in the studio for their students and pick up all the small packing materials from the room, since the class is not the job of the tutors. Abandoning empty bottles is also "Just not Cool!" While a social dance must have an etiquette to accept a dancer invitation, but it is also acceptable. If you reject it, it would be an incorrect etiquette to accept another dance offer for the same song. There are always exceptions, but try to follow these guidelines.

While some of these suggestions seem quite obvious, look around for the most, and I'm sure you will see at least one or two offenders! Sometimes people just can not, or do not think, or just pack up to remember all the things they have to dance when they just dance that they just do not think of anything else. Here we hope that we can raise awareness of those who can not and thank those who are you! We all work hard to maintain a fearsome dance ensemble!

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