As the word "ethics" is defined differently from the word "etiquette", there is a huge difference between business ethics and business ethics. There are also cases when they abandon the etiquette to be ethical in business practices.

Business ethics is a code or set of standards that a business adheres to. This code essentially means what it is considered to be ethical and what it considers to be an unethical way of dealing with human beings, the community, the environment, and so on. The business etiquette, however, is basically polite business. In some ways, it can be compared to the dinner table's etiquette.

For example, if an employee is harsh to the client, this is not unethical, but can be considered a bad etiquette. It may be contrary to the company's policy of how employees interact with customers. Man can do the perfect etiquette and extremely bad ethics.

Another example is a lawyer who behaves in a beautiful way. It is a fact that your overall social and business etiquette is so perfect that it fits all functions and performs well in every situation. However, if you invoice your customers for hours that they are not really working, they will not use ethical business practices.

So, what do you have to do if you choose between etiquette and ethics? First of all, they decide to respect the Code of Ethics but have enough etiquette to try to smooth the situation at the same time. Unfortunately, this does not always work, and ethics must be chosen, and let the etiquette cards fall.

Have you ever seen the movie, "Jerry McGuire?" This is a movie about a sportsman. After a few nights she can not sleep because her conscience has driven the whole sports sector to rarely take into account what is best for athletes who are more than just money and benefits. negotiate with them, which in turn increased their profits. He wrote a report on how to change this and put it in the congress of all sports agents.

In this fictional character, ethics collided with the etiquette. What he did ethically, but not without etiquette. However, he paid for his work and did not have much etiquette – or ethics – mainly by the company he represented.

It will come again in business transactions when you have to choose between ethics and the etiquette. But remember, in most cases, an unethical business decision will have a great impact for a long time while acting in a way that is not regulated by a good etiquette, usually only a few people talk about their poor habits for a while. When you do an etiquette faux pas, it's usually soon forgotten and the good etiquette in the future can usually replace it, but if you make an unethical decision, you can haunt yourself for the rest of your career.

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