Once a dance teacher opened his own studio on the road from the former employer's school, taking advantage of his previous teaching position to launch his own studio. Familiar? This is a general story in the dance studio, and unfortunately this is not a tale.

We've all heard one version of the story, or maybe we've seen it first. Students – the direct or indirect quest of the other students – is a practice that smiles and divides the dance association. Beside the disciples, other fine but also sharing exercises include: negative comments from other teachers / schools, misleading false, overwhelming or ambiguous statements, misinterpreting oneself, making overwhelming comparisons or references to others. 19659002] What leads other entrepreneurial spirits to engage in business practices that burn bridges, cast the seeds of deception and mindless behavior? You heard Darwin was wrong. Well, Darwin is not really, but the misinterpretation of his theories into business contexts is the root of the dilemma. When the business world accepted the philosophy of "the most suitable" survival of neo-Darwinists, they were freed of the utter objection to unethical action.

As a culture that first saw the "cola wars", he picked the idea that anything goes when it comes to business and marketing. Ethics and morals do not have to be applied. "This business" they say while protecting their actions. They do not see the big picture: look at the situation carefully. They have been ignorant of the greater dance work, and therefore they themselves. This is the case when shooting a right hand that is on the left and you think this is good.

What makes you feel justified in the approach of dance studios to business?

The roots of the Neo-Darwinian business approach are the feeling of isolation and scarcity. These teachers believe that they are "against the world" – or directly relay them to other local studios / teachers. We add insanity in this sense to the feeling of scarcity – that there is not enough students to go around – and begin to understand how to rationalize why theft of students is needed to survive. However, these twin principles – isolation and scarcity – are the illusions in the dance world.

Because of the struggles of the same group of students, a negative atmosphere in the community develops. Parents perceive this negativity and choose alternative activities for their children because they seem to be healthy: a potential young dancer takes on football. However, in a community where many dance schools are neglected, more and more students enjoy dancing as an activity. This larger number of students will compile the way for many future dancers, dance teachers, and most importantly, members of the audience. If the dance studios stopped each other as much as competitors and colleagues, it would benefit the entire dance profession

The solution simply begins with substitutions: restoring mindless competition with conscious collegiality, mindless isolation, conscious interconnection, scarcity , conscious abundance. We must admit that the dance association, from the smallest leisure dancing class to the largest professional company, is interconnected. The whole network of the world of dance is vital.

For example, the dance ensemble is fairly small compared to the larger world of sport. In the sport, much more children are involved in art. Instead of being interpreted as the cause of the struggle against resources, our abundance must be recognized. There are more than enough potential students to maintain every school if we try to dance more students than to those who already exist. For the benefit of dance, at each level, it includes the world of non-dance within its walls, instead of placing walls in our own.

So, how can we start the dual illusions of isolation and the scarcity in the dance studio world and open our eyes to interconnection and abundance?

Our activities and practices must be based on mirrors that reflect the world of dance as a healthy and vibrant community, not as terrible and hopeless as mindless behavior. Accepting an ethical code that preserves attentive and healthy outlook serves not only as a guideline but also promotes the promotion of a positive environment for those affected.

Forward, we all have to comply with an ethical codex, questions. But the list below is not perfect, but it's a place to start.

Business Awareness For The Theoretical Dance Professional

In professional and business relationships, dance staff attends to honesty, honesty and integrity, clients and colleagues

. Respect

A dance professor refrain from deceiving negative comments that are bad-hearted, malignant, or in any way refused the professional attitude of another school / studio or teacher.

The dance professor refrain from comparing or abusing any of the services of others by distorting references

A dance specialist announces or publishes ads, newspaper ads, or any other fact that may harm or impair the reputation of any colleague [19659002] B. Honesty [19659002] The dance professor accurately depicts his / her qualifications or membership of the public, especially in advertising materials, and avoids ambiguity or exaggeration.

A dance professor resides in your education or membership of the public as a way to deceive your intervention. For example: dancing with a professional company in the role of a child in a nutcracker and listing his professional dancing with the company

. Integrity

Dance staff should refrain from seeking business directly from another teacher or studio if, in any way, attempts to motivate a student, student, or employee of another teacher for some reason

The dance professor refrains from asking indirectly doing business from another teacher or studio if he or she criticizes other teachers 'approaches offering free education, referring to pupils' benefits of change (eg offering roles / portions) or other similar methods

Each of us takes responsibility for their own along with a considerate ethical basis, we can together create a healthier, coherent and abundant environment in the dance business. In addition, with all that's common, we may just discover that we are making better friends than enemies.

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