Gone Baby A Gone is a movie about profound philosophical arguments when a little girl kidnapped him. Ethical issues arise when Patrick and Angie discuss whether the missing girl's case should be taken. Angie does not want to grab the case because she fears finding an abused or dead child. Patrick does not want to find him dead either, but because they know the people in the neighborhood and have the skills they need. Angie uses an utilitarian approach to get the most pleasure and benefit from the situation by ignoring the matter. Patrick uses a kant ethic approach. The reason is that we need to find the truth that is the moral thing. Truth plays a great part in Patrick's film because people are lying to him.

When Patrick shoots pedophiles, he acts in an existential way. He knew he could go. He was so angry and sick that the boy was dead to meet his own needs. He did not let the courts determine the pedophile destiny he had committed in his own interests. Later he questioned his actions and afterwards felt ill, he was still shot at the pedophile. Police officer Remy Bressant argued with Patrick that he was right. She acted intuitively. You saw countless criminals being punished for their offense, so it was not bad. He understood that the pedophile was guilty and received what he deserved. He did not have to understand it, and he could not understand why someone would.

From the Aristotle's moral ethics Patrick Kenzie is a good man. Patrick promised Amanda's mother to regain her daughter and she did. It was your own moral choice and it will do whatever it takes. This was a good character that was the basis of moral morality for Amanda. Another example of good character is the situation. She did not want to find Amanda dead, but she would still have a case. Your moral choice has exceeded the consequences and so you feel a moral ethic.

Patrick uses the golden average theory with the decision that Amanda returns home. He did not want the conspirators to make Amanda easy. He did not want her mother to be Amanda because she would be too incomplete. So he decided to let his mother do this so he could check it out. He received a "middle path" that he thought was best suited to the situation.

Gone Baby Gone's first chance is to call the police and return Amanda to her mother. Her mother is drug addicted, poor, and has her own concern. The second option in Gone Baby Gone can turn in the other direction and let Amada live with the fake parents, but who cares more about it. False parents will be kidnapped as conspirators. Utilitarian theory would be the second option. So everyone is happy. Everyone who died would not have died. Amanda did not know. Amada could have lived a more stable life. The answer to Kantian ethics would be the first option. They make a good decision to consistently want to be.

Children should not be taken away from their moms; so Amanda should not be taken away from her mother. If you make exceptions, it is not true for children who were actually taken away from situations other than their mother. There is no respect or order, so there is no exception. Angie and Morgan Freedman follow the utilitarian approach. They both know that Amanda will be better with Morgan Freedman. Patrick could not live with the purpose of letting a kid kidnap when he knew the kidnapping was bad. He follows the Kantian ethical theory. If I were Patrick, I did exactly what he did, though I would not let Amanda go back with her mother. I would allow the children's services to deal with the problem because a child never needs to grow in Jerry Springer. I agree with the Kantian ethical theory. "Do it only to act according to the maximum that will at the same time become the universal law of nature."

Alcohol and drug abuse can not be done in the children's education. Amanda can not be with her mother. I think the only reason why Patrick released Amanda to her mother was because she was in contact with her and grew up with her

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