If you look for examples of ethical hacking, read on.

Funny because the implementation of ethically basically malicious attack has become apparent to people in understanding a hacker. People tend to associate this with negative actions and intentions because they only know the negative effects. In short, most people think that little or no positive requests are available, but of course this is not true. If it's good, it's good!

to improve the online protection of an individual or company, this "malicious action" is more beneficial. The practice of circumventing or circumventing the online system or network to further develop your mistakes is completely ethical (and you can enjoy this life too.)

Examples of ethical hacking: an exploitation or exploitation website to discover your weaknesses. Then report your findings and let the right person fix these vulnerabilities. Then in the future, if attacked, they will be safer. You are really preparing them for real attack threats, as you eliminate the areas you might be able to use them for.

There are many examples of ethical hacking, including cases that occurred in the early days of computers. Then the United States Air Force used a security rating of an operating system. In doing so, they discovered errors such as vulnerable hardware, software, and procedural security. They found that with relatively low effort their security could be circumvented and the intruder gets valuable information. Thanks to ethical hacking, they were able to stop such an event happening. The people who did this task handled the situation as if they were really enemies and would do everything to the system. So they could accurately determine how safe their system was. This is probably one of the best examples of ethical hackers, as it was devoted to those responsible for creating an online system. They recognized the need for such action because they know that many people are able to do the same or cause the same damage to their system.

Of all examples of ethical hacking, it is perhaps obviously the practice of known operating systems today. The operating system manufacturers make their own ethical hacks on their system before launching their products to the public. This prevents hackers from blocking potential attacks. This is somehow a quality control tool in the development phase of the system to cover all the weaknesses in operating systems as it is marketed. Ethical hacking is a very useful way to protect expensive online systems. By capturing the capabilities and capabilities of the white hammers, we are able to capture and prevent the damage caused by true hackers.

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