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If you want to blur and shake your friends with the shots ...

If you want to become a trick photo expert for almost the whole day ...

... This will be the most exciting message I've ever read.

Hi, its name is Carl Hartman and a professional photographer.

Some of my friends claim to be a full-length photographic mother. But recently, there has been a change in the technology of photography, which really came out. That's why ...

I've been learning and learning about FX and trick photography for over 25 years.

My career at an early stage was taught by award winning industrial photographer Robert Thornton. After that, I became Universal Studios and PBS Editor and Managing Director for 12 years.

Later I was the director of the best-selling computer games, the DOOM and Chess Wars live action sequences. He recently won Best of the Best in PBS and "Most Creative" award for US international film and video.

But thanks to a new technology, full-frame newbies are able to take photos almost as well as what I can - ¬¬ and they can do it without having to learn thousands of dollars and months to learn to trade.

With my new DSLR I've been making breath-taking special effects that I've never dreamed of and shoot a camera. Some of my pictures were so wonderful that my friends refused to believe I brought them until I showed them the photographs of my photos.

It was 20 years ago. Today things are completely different.

Technology has developed at light speed. While many photographers still think they need imaginary DSLRs to capture quality photos, the honest truth of goodness is actually ...

If you know how to use your smartphone as a high-end DSLR, these spectacular shots:

Okay, look at the two pictures below.

Can you find the difference?

Well, the left-hand photo was made by the iPhone 3GS (using a special photo enhancement that we're talking about a bit).

Camera technology is highly advanced and the picture quality is almost the same.

It is a fact that a complete "iPhoneography" movement is taking place, where world-class photographers are only regular photographic equipment and photographs (and why I'm so excited): There are still "self-conscious" photographers who say they need at least one Nikon D5100, a telephoto lens and a 6-week evening course on the camera, so you can take great pictures yourself.

Like someone who has lived all his life, sleeps and breathes photography, I can tell ...

I'm tired of seeing photo shooters beat me because they can not fully capture plexiglass camera functions ... or sit in the mind -drinking and boring lectures or cutting out the money for the 6-week counterfeit course.

I blame the arrogant photo of those who think they can help you with professional shooting lessons. But they really scare off new photographers with their profitable prices and complex teaching.

I was so hot under the collar that I made this foolish thing that I made a personal mission to make it a lot easier for everyone to take pictures of air ...

The truth is, if you have a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, any), you have to do everything to make incredible photos that will blow you and your friends. In fact, the phone already purchased may be a better camera than some high end DSLRs.

When you finally discover the secrets to trick photography and special effects on your smartphone, it will be able to ...

... The masterphoto basics and "abbreviations" of the learning curve for at least 6 months ... [19659002] ... instantly apply these tricks and techniques to the next photo that needs to be popped up. - Many pros are paying a thousand dollars to learn these secrets ... and I hate to make them more powerful! ...

... Breathe in the activities of Instagram, Tumblr, and Flickr ... and get a lot of praise and recognition from other members in online photo sharing communities

The good news is just because I've created a complete 20 video courses. Learn how to improve regular shots while you're transforming a trick photo.

Videos are easy-to-follow classes that allow you to create stunning photos and breathtaking special effects for you and your friends will not believe it

This course aims to get full-featured new features in the shortest time possible with a well-functioning smartphone as a photographer

Each lesson contains the basic knowledge you need to know about bogging photos with your smartphone. There is no leakage or filler, and I will not waste time with past theories.

I took the most important trick photography concepts I learned during my 25+ years of professional photography and made them a collection of lessons I serve through this course.

Most starting 6 12 months to get through the fighting amateur stage, but you're bypassing this shortcut secrets completely.

At the end of each lesson, I've added the tasks so you can apply what you learn and instantly impress. These exercises "bind" each lesson into your brain so it really gets better ... in a flash.

All other smartphone users are ashamed.

While they still can not, they will only wonder why everyone is crazy about the photos and not about theirs.

You will find exactly where you are going to do phone photography tricks ...

And do you believe it or not, they will be able to create these spectacular images ...

You will not need PhotoShop because the course itself is a photo editor software that is virtually the same.

you can make it even easier and more intuitive. So you can rewrite some of the "advanced" photography tricks without the Photoshop hard learning curve patting his face.

Just a few minutes to develop pro-level skills that will stay in your life.

It does not matter if you're a real photographer or you're just interested in fixing your footage. As long as you have a smartphone and the desire to have some killer photographs, this course will revolutionize the way images will last forever.

Thousands of facebook loves and hundreds of friends are asking for everything thanks to your site! I'm excited every time I take photos on facebook, because I know that my family and friends are getting a lot of love and praise!

Michelle Adams Los Angeles, California

All my Facebook friends were shocked after I sent the photos of the holiday trip to Miami. They thought I was paying a professional photo to capture these photos, or have made photography tutorials. Some say I bought a new DSLR camera. I received hundreds of comments on various praise and questions about my shooting skills. They do not believe me when I told them I used only my smart phones! Now they want you to visit their travels and holiday - all at a paid cost - just to be photographed! All this through telephone shooting tricks

Robert Owens Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Nothing to watch the day, comments, and photos do not contain posts and do not add friends' requests. Well, I have a lot of friends. I pay attention. Some of the people I've been having, some of whom I've met above coffee, and there are some that can help me increase my level of networking and some people I talk to on lonely nights when I can not sleep. I can not believe what the Shooting Tricks can do! Only a wonderful profile photo with the help of tricks, my life changed from one day to the next! Kudos!

Jo Paredes Calgary, Canada

I was never comfortable in front of the camera until a friend showed me a photo to use her phone. It was crazy awesome picture! I've never seen myself this way all my life! In I purchased the same service and from here I like to take pictures everywhere I go. This is really addicting. I have already started to organize my own album and collect my beautiful photos of my trip! Thank you Phone Shooting Tricks for my newly discovered hobbies. More power!

Maurizio Amario Rome, Italy

Most of my friends are in photography. Some of them selected photography for their vocation. Then envy you, they have the latest and expensive DSLR camera. When we got together or made excursions, I always heard them talk about the latest gadgets. He always wants to be his own, but I could not afford it. Then I tried using my Android phone and sent some photos to my social network profile. Our routes have been transferred to some kind of party again, I'll go after I tell them there is no new camera! They love my pictures. They thought I was one of them and stole my customers when some people commented on what post they want to hire my service! By using Phone Photography Tricks, the program demonstrates that you do not have to buy expensive cameras to create beautiful and professional images. Anyone who knows, and maybe later, I consider this as a sidebar.

Gary Edcel Phoenix, Arizona

Now, perhaps curious ...

... And in addition, the professor forces him to buy expensive DSLR cameras and equipment ...

Much worse, long, attracted to education and disinterest . Instead of entertaining the learning of photography, you may feel like a boring physics show.

And if you've ever been boring for hours, you know how fast you're going to forget what you've ever believed. This money and time in the drain

(Do not get lost, these classes are fine if your goal is a professional photographer, but for the average person who just wants more activity on Flickr to win few photo competitions or just they are too expensive.)

Look, it's over when I see young photographers lurking for the eager photographer's "experts" and unnecessary classes.

My stomach turns when I hear my young photographer saying that if they do not have a high-end DSLR, they will never be able to take quality shots.

And my heart breaks when these new guys are disheartened and fall into photography.

So I gave the lowest possible price for the course.

Well, when I started, there were several experienced photographers who helped me with my Question. While I have no time to personally save all worthy candidates, I have decided to help as many people as I can with this program.

In fact, I'm so sure, I'll do my promises on my site ...

How it works: Continue and log in to the "Shooting Tricks" for me.

Go through the video lessons, you did not despair at all ... at any time ... this amazing course is not all I've written, I'll insist that you contact me right away for full refund.

That's right, if you're not very happy with this course, just shoot an email within 8 weeks today and return each dime ... no questions asked.

I'm so confident that these shooting techniques upload "all the smart photos you've ever received."

To make it easier to decide, I'll also launch killer bonuses. "Extra generous."

If ever you got stuck, you want more insider tips or just want to talk to a pros, send me a message and I'll be back to you soon - usually less than 1 business day

This report will reveal the secrets of the secrets of Instagram and Flickr photos and discover , how can I create amazing photos that resemble honor and admiration of others as a "mini-celebrity" on these pages

This special report shows you how to make money with photography and make part-time passive income from hobbies, a professional does not even know about this one rude steps to take lifelong royalties for your photos ... and think it easier!

Note: These special bonuses are only for limited time offers and will be pulled down soon.

In summary, the full "Phone Photos Tricks" video course. It contains everything you need to get extra phone photos taken from your friends.

So now you have 2 options.

Just click on the "Add" button below. It is placed on a secure order page that uses 128-bit security encryption to make sure that your data is 100% secure.

After entering your credit card or Paypal information, the system will be placed in the member's area where you can view the videos and immediately download the bonuses.

It does not matter if it's Saturday at 3 o'clock. You can now grab this course and at least a few minutes at least 5 times improve your photography skills.

Then, if you're not completely excited about content, you simply shoot me an email and get a full refund. No problem. No question. But regardless of what you decide, the special bonuses are yours to try our program.

Join now and start today's amazing photos!

Remember, these tricks and techniques, which have personally invested tens of thousands of dollars and more than 25 years of learning in my life. You get your best secrets, knowledge and wisdom in just a small part.

Click on the link below to go ahead and order. You can only take photos that take a few minutes to complete your life.

To succeed, Carl Hartman

P.S. Unsigned Bonus: If you are investing this course today, I can share your portfolio of more than 300 creative photos with world-class photographic artists around the world.

Combined with the tricks and techniques learned during the course, these photos inspire and liberate creativity, so you can create these world views on demand!


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Click here to get

 Shooting Tricks

at discounted price while it's still available...

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

 Shooting Tricks

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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