The following four rights are the basis of most of the consumer-oriented legislation that has been implemented over the past thirty years. These rights also serve to effectively review the objectives and results of the consumer movement.

– Right to safety

Consumer right to safety means that the products they purchase must be safe for their intended use. and specifically for correct use and must be tested by the manufacturer to ensure product quality and reliability. Businesses should also be aware that consumers and the government are getting more product liability lawsuits against sellers of defective products. In addition, the amount of fees is constantly increasing. One of the main reasons for improving product safety is consumer demand for safe products. People simply stop buying a product that they think is unsafe or untrustworthy.

– The Right to Information

The right to information means that consumers must have access to full product information before they buy it. Detailed information on ingredients and nutrition should be provided on food containers, information on tissues and on washing procedures should include clothing and the creditor should disclose the actual cost of the money made available to buyers of authentic purchasers. In addition, manufacturers should inform consumers about the potential dangers of using the products.

– Right to vote

Right to choose means that consumers can choose products offered by different products and manufacturers, in particular they are needed. The government has played its part by encouraging competition through the mistrust legislation. Competition and freedom of choice bring consumers further benefits through price reductions

– Right to Listen

Fourth law means that someone is listening and taking the right steps when customers complain. It is a fact that corporate management teams started listening to consumers after the end of the Second World War when the competition began to grow again. Today, businesses are even more remarkable and have many bigger consumer contact points that are easily accessible through toll-free phone numbers. In fact, one of the services that every consumer expects to receive from products they choose, the consumer support.

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