Going to school, listening to teachers, going to the hard-headed home, and finally the labels. That is all? Are we in the rat race among those who persecute at the expense of certificates without recognizing responsibility to society? Of course not.

We can always contribute to improving our community. Renting a helping hand from home can be a moral value because it provides a strong foundation for the child's life. Children tend to imitate their elders (parents, teachers). It also helps shape your child as an ideal citizen.

These moral values ​​serve as magical potions for children, as most of their parents are the first teachers. Parents here must have very strong morals in life to be role models for their children. They should help the child to explore moral philosophies, the moral and immoral nature of deeds, practices, and the like. This helps the child base his opinion on the moral education he has given him.

The use of life-style examples in an informal way helps the child understand these ethical issues clearly.

Schools should also share the equal responsibility of bringing children of such values ​​as children as schools are the second home of the child. These school teachings take place through formal education, which gives the child an eternal impression.

Children absorb all moral values ​​and ethical issues, regardless of the type of education they have received. This will help them to contribute to the society in the mere future.

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