Ethical behavior refers to behavior that does not violate the charge and is in line with the norms set by a society, organization or institution.

Ethical Behavior of Society

This changes from place to place. One behavior that is considered unethical in one society is acceptable in another. For example, an unethical social behavior for popularity. Rejection of the relationship based on age, gender and race is also an unethical social behavior.

Ethical Behavior at the Workplace

This applies to attitudes that organizations expect from their employees during their work. Most organizations have set up a document called a "Code of Conduct", which defines the behaviors adopted at the workplace. The rules and regulations that the employees have to comply with have been defined. This is mainly because the behavior of an individual affects relationships within the organization, thereby contributing negatively to the overall performance of an organization.

Employee's Unethical Behavior

Every organization is unethical that an employee is corrupt. One does not have to accept or play in return for services or goods. It is said that an employee who deals with corruption is acting in an unethical way. Excessive breaks or repetitive sick leave are also unethical behavior. This can only happen if you are in dire need of it. Mild headache does not matter. Again, office equipment is extremely unethical. The office property must be kept separate from personal property. In some organizations this behavior can be translated.

Employer's Unethical Behavior

Not only employees can behave unethically. Employers also have a common code of conduct and are obliged to act in a certain way. For example, an employer does not have to use the company's money for personal expenses.

Ethical Behavior in Higher Education Institutions

For students, unethical behavior occurs during cheating.

Ethical behavior has to be cultivated in the early age of an individual. Without strong moral persuasion, they easily crave the opposite attitude.

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