Art of Power: State Prosecution and Diplomacy is a book about the diplomatic weapon and the ability to link the state with other states – as old as the time previously recorded. In this comprehensive dissertation, the author outlined the basic principles of the art of state administration and the rhetoric of diplomatic rhetoric.

Charles Freeman provides a detailed schedule for successful negotiations in connection with the use of foreign diplomats and many other nations. The role of politics, culture, information gathering, military action and economic power, as well as the art and rhetoric of diplomatic state administration are discussed in international law.

Art of power is a negotiating theory on a diplomatic weapon. The author describes the usefulness of violence and intelligence applications in international relations. It emphasizes state secrecy screws and bolts, the practical side of diplomatic work and the application of the Code of Ethics to international law.

In the first part of the book, Freeman discusses intelligence, secret activities, power, political action, economic measures in states, military tactics and non-violence, changes in the international order, international order, interests of other states , as well as the constant development of international law as part of the interests and the nation's concerns.

In the second chapter, the author advances the importance of negotiations, diplomatic weapons, strategies, tactics and maneuvers, and the relationship between states, and why and how diplomats are used. The traditions of the international system and the rearrangement of relations between states during peacetime.

The third part of the book includes a description of a diplomatic work and the importance of diplomatic rhetoric, advocacy and guardianship. Freeman also discusses that states have different cultures, traditions and historical experience and how to overcome these differences in order to function in an international state system. This is a powerful book that is easily one of the most comprehensive guides to the art of today's military industry. It is an interesting reading, because both professionals and non-professionals are equally important in understanding diplomacy and international ethics. This is a valuable guide for a professional diplomat, an information manual for students and even a non-diplomatic reader who wants the secrets of power.

There were also some books on this subject. The Power of Arts is a bridge that fills the gaps between some available works on this subject. This is different because it was written by a real diplomat who is the ambassador of the Peace Commander

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