The happiest people I know I LOVE what they are doing. Not that their work is their life – though this is a significant, meaningful and rewarding element. In addition, and perhaps even more important, they try to find out what they are doing. You may not have an easy job or earn much money, but you are basically satisfied. Their occupation, occupations, business etc. They are fulfilling and contributing to society.

You may never have been involved in a job that deals with fraud or the unfair handling of stakeholders or is unfair on some level. Congratulations. However, there are many jobs, perhaps even a growing number, something unpleasant, unethical or straightforward dishonest component. Many employees and businessmen rationalize their behavior. They say, "this business" or "you have to live …" or "everyone is doing it."

I've heard people say, "Yes, I know the company is unethical, but I'm just trying my best job I know in my responsibility." I answer: "Even if you are the best messenger of the Mafia, you are always part of organized crime! "


To work for an unethical, deceiving, unfair or unfair employer or an ability that requires unethical or endangered decisions, physical, mental and / or emotional health. As we know, it has consequences for our actions. In business you can not do anything against the law and you probably will not go to jail. However, eliminating the consequences of a technical or legal basis does not mean that it is "free from home." So if you are uncomfortable, "dirty" or less "proud", your workplace, your employer's expectations, values, ethics or behavior, you are raising personal health problems. Few people can live with their value or become part of an organization that is unpunished, encouraging or facilitating such activities. They will suffer consequences and perhaps not "connect points" to fully understand their misfortune or illness.

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