In this book, Howard Gardner emphasizes five minds that are essential to survival in the current digital era and centuries. As we live in a digital technology world and age, we make the habits of using such ideas compulsory. Five Minds in Brief:

  1. Disciplined mind: For all of us to be successful in life, we must focus on one or two disciplines for success. Or we need to do other tasks, and we can master discipline in a subject for at least 10 years. To develop this disciplined mind, you have to work continuously for as long as you know the science. In the future, Gardner emphasizes that each productive and successful individual must concentrate on one or two disciplines that will be handsome in the next generation.
  2. Synthesizing Mind: It basically integrates one or more disciplines to create effective decisions and actions to succeed. Most executives and presidents need to spend most of their time in their careers.
  3. Creative mind: involves creative thinking and outside the box. This creates a creative breakthrough, inventions, innovations, etc. The author emphasizes that if the creative mind is alone, it is nowhere to go, unless it is a disciplined mind and a synthesized mind. That is, the creative mind is a complete failure. Whatever you need to be creative and regularly trained and incorporated into science in this particular discipline.
  4. Sincere Mind: Another word for a tolerant mind. The cultivation of respectful minds helps to distinguish differences between opinions, views, judgments, religious views, castes, varieties, etc. Between. Here, we must respect each other through nations, groups, and communities.
  5. Ethical Mind: Building Ethics and Moral Values. Religious values ​​play a great role here. Gardner also thinks that chatting is communicating in a digital way as unethical, and stresses that it must be as clear as possible with the support of a respectable mind.

This book is a book not only for teachers, but also for people in all professions, including leadership and leadership. The language is very easy to follow, and the Gardener turned very down to the ground when he diverted his ideas. This book is one of the best books I have ever read because I think most people lack five minds and we must be sure that the five souls will live and prosper in the coming decades. Personally I would give 5 stars for this book.

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