Thomas Paine once said, "The character is much easier to hold than to build up." This coordinates the preparation for an emergency. Preserving Reputation can help your organization avoid the devastating loss. If a predetermined plan is to accept mistakes and to mislead the honesty side, the credibility of admission will gain greater respect than when it was on the backrest attempt.

How can management and decision-makers handle the crisis? The answer is simple. The crisis can not be verified, but the consequences of the crisis can be handled, reduced and / or prevented. The first task of the business is to get to know and understand the dangers that threaten the "business". An effective organization must perform a vulnerability analysis that lists threats. Addressing organizational threats should be one of the threats

Many disaster response programs take into account traditional natural and man-made hazards, but the often-ignored hazard class relates to business continuity, especially to PR. Mass media events raise concerns and, if not handled properly, they may rise to the level of crisis. If the crisis is big enough, it can jeopardize the existence of an organization.

Crisis management begins with entry

The most important part of crisis management recognizes that it is actually a crisis. Only at this point can be the consequences of the crisis. You can direct your response based on a predetermined action plan and inventory of organizational morale. A public information campaign to address the situation and fix the problem by the organization is activated and a qualified public information officer deals with the media and the public interest.

How to be perceptible?

is the problem from the consumer's point of view.

* Do not try to take advantage of the science of the matter to prove a point.

* Do not use the engineering aspect to explain why repeating the event is not possible or incredibly distant

* Do not try to use the facts as a defense

* Remember that the public does not want to hear about science, – or sometimes the facts. The audience wants to hear you understand their concerns and that the organization sees it from the point of view of the question .

Character management and maintenance

Managing characters is simple if your organization chooses the right thing. Warren Buffet once said, "First of all, you clearly know that is not familiar with all the facts, then give you the facts you can Quickly, take it out and take it, you see, your problem will not to improve with age. "

Preparing for the crisis will allow the" if-then "thinking process to occur before a question. Decisions can be made in advance, not forced. Preparing to respond openly and honestly to the public crises due to reporters' attacks and public scrutiny (when a legal adviser tries to persuade you to limit liability) prevents top leadership from misguiding [19659004] Waiting for the disaster occurs, forces forces on decision makers that can change their perception of reality. "Groupthink is a way of thinking within a cohesion group that involves people who strive for consensus so that alternative action processes can not be realistically evaluated," said Michael C. LeMay Public administration: Conflicting values ​​in public policy management. " Any willingness to consensus completely suppresses disagreement."

The crisis can easily become a phenomenon of group thinking. Pre-planning and decision-making can help prevent values ​​from turning sideways during the crisis. Follow the advice of the Warren Buffet by incorporating public transparency that protects your organization's time and reputation. It is easy if the direction has been determined from the executive level to "do the right thing".


All aspects of a successful emergency response depend on the design. Successful results can be achieved by doing just the right thing in every turn, not just to safeguard the organization's legal responsibility. The organizational nature is sustainable if advanced planning and training ensures that all parties understand that the organization's policy is open and honest. This preserves the integrity of the organization, ensuring the value and protection of the organizational character

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