Magister Chirurgiae (abbreviated as M.Ch), a Latin word that is called the Master of Surgery. This is an academic postgraduate degree awarded by the specialist who has graduated from the field of surgery. The course is clearly based on practical and clinical skills, which include real surgical procedures and theories. During the training period, students must work full-time with full responsibility for their duties and participation at all stages of education. M.Ch is basically designed for experienced and trained physicians who have a striving career to extend their experience in the field of surgery.

As part of the course, it is compulsory for students to participate in various clinical activities, both in sub-specialties and in one or more independent research projects. Students who publish at least two articles in the journal are considered to be an additional advantage to others. The Magister Chirurgiae Postgraduate Diploma is offered by many renowned medical universities. The test format consists of theory, practical (or clinical) and oral sections

Learning objectives of M.Ch surgery:

• Representing surgical reasons and crucial aspects of government

• An overview of the clinical ethics of clinics and research

• Implementation of a research project

• Manipulation of computing and statistical use

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Master's Degree in Surgery presents physicians with a prestigious university degree that illustrates the ongoing surgical competence to support their career goals. The program is strictly designed to have three unique attributes: primary surgical expertise for dealing with current competences, exercising ethics, teaching and research, and enhancing public authority skills. With exhaustive access to surgical expertise and the technical contribution of academic surgeons, the M.Ch program offers a unique opportunity for surgeons to further develop competence, knowledge and understanding in the field of surgery. Major areas of specialization include M.Ch Trauma, orthopedics, cardiovascular examinations and many more. The postgraduate M.Ch surgical programs of surgical trainees to enhance their research and academic skills and career. After successful completion, doctors can enter the surgical curriculum, which provides excellent basics for surgical learning to meet modern surgical requirements. It also presents state-of-the-art medical practice at academic and research academy meetings. Any area in M.Ch Surgery has additional benefits to obtaining career opportunities in education, consultation or other relevant areas.

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