What does it mean to be open? Does this mean that you automatically control ethics, beliefs, and personal values ​​in the door, then blindly follow unmanaged politicians and corporate executives? Not at all. This is a recipe for a disaster and a very unhappy life. If conversations with others are sufficient to free up values, religious convictions, morality and ethics, more serious questions are needed, which should be considered.

Open thinking is a way of thinking that is available to rock solid guides. This is an invitation and cooperation that really is interested in knowing the opinions of others. These are great social leaders. They are so solid that they are and so strongly believe in what they do that they do not feel unnecessarily influenced or "magically" change their will by simply listening, engaging and thinking about ideas.

And do not bother hearing the others by agreeing to them. Listening is one thing; throwing your personal operating principles out in the door to ask or "go ahead" with people whose ideas and ideas are opposed to what you know, the solution that suits you is a completely different matter.

From openness to look at the opportunities where it does not. As a leader, keeping in mind the different viewpoints and new ideas, it proves to others that one is in the nature of co-operation, it is not competitive. While the organization needs to have a comprehensive vision and mission, it is important that leaders who welcome the participation of others and who are actually listening to their constituencies are typically the most respected.

No matter what the situation is, always learn something new. As we are openly thinking about listening to others, we can understand the mistakes we have in our thinking, learn new ways of interpretation and management, and most importantly build bridges with others. We all live together in this world; it is imperative for everyone to learn how to get through respecting each other's faith. We do not have to agree – everyone is right, but it has to stick to their own personal convictions and values.

Are you open? Remember a time when you deeply listened to the ideas of others. How can you be more open to new opportunities when you are leading? What results can you achieve?

"The best executive is the one who makes sense to choose good people to do what he wants and be confident enough not to get into them." – Theodore Roosevelt

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