If you have integrity, nothing else matters. But also

is fair, nothing else matters. – Alan K. Simpson

If I asked you what kind of property is most influential
Do you need to know the success of your business?

what's the most important thing right now? My

years of entrepreneur and entrepreneur

discovered that the top of the list at

distinguishes the integrity quality. Without Integrity

is the company's management, the business is usually short-lived. In

fact when business integrity is present throughout

is the deepest layers of the company, not just the surface

becomes the heart and soul of the company's culture and science

the difference between the successful company and the

is the company that stumbles.

The immense impact of the Internet on the market!

The importance of integrity has always existed

is a business community, but it has also been shown in the past

falls off. Internet has immense impact on the Internet

is the world market that is now expressing

integrity, reliability and credibility are of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the result of global competition

that customers simply ignore the company that will show you

is less than the highest level of integrity. Because it is

a lot of competitive companies are readily available and

is accessible via the Internet, it really is not necessary

accepts the minor as the best.

Where does integrity begin?

Building on the basics of integrity a

the first requirement would be to establish an excellent relationship

with customers. Based on many years of study, the best and

is the most practiced method of getting a relationship

Contact Marketing. As it sounds, the connection

Marketing is based on the unified and the most important

is characterized by the so-called "integrity". However, achieve it

True integrity with customers often leaves many people behind

entrepreneur is confused, grabbing the techniques and

strategies that guarantee their future. But integrity

is not something we can grab and then simply use it.

Integrity has to be fundamentally designed

is the individual, company and team members,

claims to be lasting. Without question,

Others feel and find it very attractive.

The True Nature of Integrity

You are probably asking yourself what is true

is the nature of integrity? In fact, some are very basic

principles that surround the enterprise's quality

integrity. Integrity itself begins with a company

leader who understands the integrity properties that are then

deletes the whole company into every department

and approaches and attitudes of all members

Recent research in the Institute of Business

Ethics – an organization that is one of the world's leaders

in promoting corporate ethics best practices

that companies "show a clear ethical commitment

behavior "has almost surpassed companies that did not

introduces ethical behavior. Director of the Institute

Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Black, stated: "Not only

ethical behavior in the business world is better and

is a basic thing, but it is proven to be ethical

behavior pays financial returns. "These are the results

deserves to be an important tool for companies

Achieving Long-Term Perspectives and Growth

The following seven principles of business integrity are:

the basics of integrity and a good starting point for a

consider it. By putting these principles into a

corporate environment, the result will be nothing short of

a major rebirth of the business

1. Principle: We recognize that customers / customers want to pursue business

with a company they can trust; when trust is the point

is easily recognizable. Reliable

You are assured of relying on your character, ability, or strength

Business Truth

2. Principle: The leader is to continuously develop a company

organization should be willing to open ideas

for improvement. Ask for feedback and feedback

both customers and team members and your business

will continue to grow.

3rd Principle: Do everything whatever you do

the acquisition of past clients and clients,

especially if something got lost. Do what you do

is able to regain lost business by respected everything

Commitments and Obligations

4. Principle: Rethinking All Print Materials, Including Small Business Advertising, Brochures, and Other Business Documents

taking care to be clear, precise and professional;

is the most important thing, make sure you do not make a mistake


5th Principle: Continues to Participate in Community Issues and

activities show that your business is a

is a responsible community contributor. In other words, stay


6th Principle: a practical approach should be applied to accounting and accounting

is a record keeping, not just a means of getting better

feels about the company's development, but as a resource

for any "questionable" activity; management

Accounting and Registering allows you to put an end to it

suspicious activity immediately.

7th Principle: We treat others with respect. Regardless of whether

differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types

are discriminations, they always deal with other professionals

with respect and courtesy

Although this is certainly an organic and positive step in the

is a small business that has recognized the importance of integrity

as a tool to achieve the desired results, that's just it

is the beginning. What you really need to know about reality

success is to have certain precise universal principles

leads to business integrity, is in the general mindset

improper implementation of the company and the key

elements that a business is actually defined. A little

is a company that invests in an in-depth topic of integrity

strategies and policies will not only be obvious

between customers, staff and partners, but overall

has no effect but can be effective,

is a successful company. By recognizing the integrity value,

and all of the aforementioned 7 principles

to achieve integrity, its success can not be far.

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