The concept of ethical reporting is that everyone – or those who have a teacher or religion or those who have lost hope with teachers and today's religions – are a self-directed pathway to become content while enhancing individuality and self-esteem.

Ethics is a code of moral behavior that, if followed, deserves respect. As Confucius said; "Instead of claiming respect, one must strive to honor."

Ethics is simply an ethical and practical collection that helps to apply them in our lives. By guiding ourselves to live a satisfying and purposeful life, we strengthen our individuality and self-esteem while opening up our deeper relationship with ourselves and with other people.

The Purpose of Ethics

The Self

Increasing the Motivation of Life

It Must Be Free From Emotional and Intellectual Manipulations

A life that simply tries to establish a good human being on ethics every day and proud that you are

Everyone in the life of the world has everybody the right to feel emotionally strong and balanced in a very confused world.

Ethics is not about creating a new religion, but the advantages and necessities of religion should not be ignored. Religion is basically one of the world's cornerstones, which gives meaning and purpose to life. Without purpose or direction, life can be empty and hopeless.

Ethics hopes to satisfy the needs that religion can not stand for religious dogmatic views without distorting the simplicity of a good life. This is logical, non-dogmatic and practical; a simple code of ethics that opens the way for people to be a good man in a challenging world.

Ethics does not offer a myth of creation, reward from heaven or punishment of hell. Man decides what follows after death, or if it has begun, or simply accepts the reality that has to wait for the inevitable end to know and enjoy the moments so far.

Ethics is a way of life that considers this life more like heavenly existence and less hell. It deals with the reality and moment of the present life. He thinks he's just as good a man as he can, and tomorrow he's trying a little bit better. There is no call to convert, force, preach or draw other people.

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