Fantastic science fiction films are one of the genres that people can not quite recognize. They call for the need for people to believe there is something else besides us. When people need some thought or turn to religion or science. Those who bend to science love this kind of movie.

People like to ask "what if …" in different ways. Scientific fantasy films allow people to open their imagination with every opportunity. What if there are lives on other planets? What if life came to Earth? What if the way of life is bad? What if the way of life is good? All of these questions are things that we ask ourselves, and these types of films allow us to discover the opportunities.

Scientific-fantastic movies are often full of things we love in movies. There is excitement and excitement. There are battle scenes and sometimes romance as well. Tales are often of good quality and are thoughtful, provocative. These films often deal with issues such as ethics and philosophy, and they can think of us for days.

There are many fantastic science fiction movies and attract a wide audience. If you've never been to the sci-fi, then look at these classic movies:

· The Matrix Trilogy: This trilogy after science fiction films, Neo and his followers follow the question. What if this life is not real? What if we have another life and life that we think we are living in is a dream?

· Star Wars: This movie series has been starred for sex fans for more than a decade with films combining love, ethics, power, the right and wrong struggle, the discovery of the universe.

· Star Trek Movies: Over the last few decades, many Star Trek films have been produced. Older movies are as stunning as new ones and characters are drawn.

· Planet of the Apes: The first film was made in 1968, thinking about what would have happened if it did not develop completely. The original film remake was made in 2001.

· E.T: This is one of the first movies that people have positively thought of strangers. Both children and adults have fallen in love with sweet extraterrestrials who just wanted to be at home.

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