The supplier is an important part of any business. The supplier may be the good and / or the provider of services, which, in turn, the business sells or gives value. The quality of business suppliers directly influences or influences the quality of service delivery. It is important that you choose your supplier for the right reasons. While you may have single-time suppliers from time to time, you are more risky because there is no firm service level guarantee and long-term commitment. Such suppliers should be avoided as far as possible. For some companies, procurements will only be made on the list of verified suppliers who have performed rigorous criteria and tests. It is easy to find any carrier. By taking into consideration considerations and conditions, you can simply choose suppliers that meet your organization's standards and status. We have a supplier for every size and business. Not all suppliers exist, which is the real partner you can rely on and build your business. Below are some considerations and tips that help you pick the best suppliers to your partners.

first Supplier Capacity and Reliability – How to look at the organization as a supplier that meets your needs. How long did it work? What are their production capacities and pressures that come from existing customers? Consider the company's reliability and tracking. You may need to talk to other customers who have already begun to use the services of a particular carrier to receive a second or third opinion. Without traceable references, it can still be assumed that the supplier is reliable. You must take into account the stock level that the carrier will keep at any time. This indicates that you can order the order immediately next time. Some suppliers do not keep the kits, they only get orders from their own suppliers after they receive the order, in which case there are delays that may affect how you provide services to their customers. It is important to note that supplier reliability has a direct impact on business reliability in the absence thereof. You will not be able to fully support your customers with unreliable suppliers who may not be able to find you in the same location at the next visit. Take the time to cut off those who have been permanently abandoned.

2nd Corporate Value System – The business value system tells you to believe it and what kind of general ethics it is. Always study value systems and choose suppliers who live their lives. Values ​​will define the habits and character of people serving you. However, some suppliers simply cushion the values ​​on the wall and end here. The company represents more than 3 values ​​that they support and live as ten floral values, which remain imaginary, not real. Values ​​tell us something about service delivery, customer orientation, etc. Find a carrier that meets your values ​​and beliefs. A carrier who does not cut corners at all to sell. A supplier who is more likely to lose the order than shipments of originality.

3rd Quality of Products – Most organizations are developing because they offer quality products. There may be some sellers who are very welcome, with a positive attitude, always smiling, but when it comes to a product line, you have to leave much to quality, then your service will complete business growth completely. Nobody will sell products that have not been tested and tested. One thing you avoid with most customers is to look back or return, as this affects profitability and reputation. I noticed that every time I provided good customers and services, and there were concerns and backlashes, I had to work overtime to retain my client as in cases where I provided a high quality product or service. In such cases, customers went out of business and went out of business and became quiet sales staff

. Credit Line – The payment options provided by the supplier will help them to maintain and serve their clients satisfactorily. Most customers do not like to party with cash on the day they receive the goods or services. Customers need time to process payments and will be able to confirm their cash flow due to this payment delay. Although credit lines are attractive, some customers tend to abuse these opportunities by extending loan expense. Choosing a carrier always accepts an acceptable credit line, for example 7-14 days, which is not too short or too long. He gives a winning win. Recognize that the same buyers may have the same credit line. In cases where suppliers refuse to provide such terms, you will also need to tighten your cash position by ensuring that your customers pay when they deliver the goods. I find that companies have collapsed in the need to finance other businesses because they simply wanted orders and debtors. Rather, you do not have an order, if you do not get any terms, and your customers put pressure on the conditions. You can just sell what they gave you.

5th Distance and Distance – This is an important aspect. You have suppliers outside of other continents. Recognize that delivery is delayed between order placement and order arrival in your own storage room. You may need to contact the suppliers who are also locked if they run out and receive urgent orders. If you handle your imports properly, you will be able to get all the materials from another continent. In this scenario, distance is no problem. However, the advantage of dealing with smaller local suppliers is that there is a backup plan and, when returning, it is easier to return the product to the supplier without having to deliver huge shipping costs

6. Competitive pricing – Businesses want to be profitable. After all, the reason for the existence of a business is that it provides firmly consistent profit for the investor and all stakeholders. One way to increase your profit is to ensure that you do not spend unnecessary purchases from expensive suppliers. With the registered suppliers and a consistent relationship with the existing suppliers, customers will be able to pricing. They can negotiate bulk buying discounts. At most companies, even after selecting a group of suppliers to deal both locally and abroad, there is a policy for purchasing personnel to get 3 bids for the same product from different suppliers. The $ 5 price difference makes no difference to the price of the same product. The goal is to ensure the best possible pricing in order to deliver the same benefits to the end user

. Warranty Matters – One thing is delivering a product and a completely different ball game to ensure it is a valid guarantee. Please indicate when you purchased the product that you would like to receive a warranty card or certificate. Customers can only provide a warranty on the carrier's warranty. Here you have to focus on detailing the details. You should be able to return the product if you do not supply what the manufacturer sets up to have the right service life and performance. The warranty must not be assumed, in writing only. If you have purchased a local channel, you can better manage the warranty than in the case of alternating channels or markets. There was a rough awakening once I set up a supplier in the United States while doing business in Zimbabwe. It took two weeks for the giant machine to get to my office. The machine was delivered to the customer immediately. After two weeks, the huge machine failed and returned to my office. Since I did not pick up the machine on the generated channels, I had to return the machine to America. The cost of shipping was similar to the gains a few weeks earlier. Not worth it; rather focus on a channel that respects the international guarantee.

8th After Sales Support – Depending on what product you want to get from a vendor, you need to determine what happens when you sold the batteries and now need technical assistance and support. Always evaluate after-sales support. Likewise, develop or hire skills that will ensure that the first level of devices they sell is supported and maintained

. The latest product range – Up-to-date product range provided by your supplier. Every day, new products will be developed if your supplier fits in with your old one and will soon be your business. Technological developments will ensure that better, faster, more efficient and cost-effective products will be launched on a new market. The goal is to make the most up-to-date products available to the market with competitive pricing. This allows companies to invest in research to produce the same products if they are not better at lower costs. Sometimes it is good to have a partner with a vendor who has a wider range of choices than where a product line is marketed. The wider the range, the more choices you have.

10th Lower Driving Times – Systems Effectiveness – When selecting suppliers, you have to consider how long you have to wait for your order or queries. Some companies rise to a level where they can no longer give individual promises to customers and can not keep them. You are not sure when ordering will be delivered immediately after 3 days or 3 weeks. Customers usually provide the expected delivery times for you. In the event of a delay in the service, strive to communicate as much as possible with the customer to ensure that lead-time issues do not affect its loyalty to its services. Partner with suppliers that have effective systems. I usually get annoyed when I have to wait 20 minutes when the company's bureaucracy stops. All I want to pay is to receive the product by receipt or bill. If the internal process of the supplier is that

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