To create a better world: One of my most important interests is the equality of women in all societies. Gender bias is as damaging and devastating as any other distortion. Although I am not particularly liberal, in my life it is contrary to the macho philosophy, the Islamic looting of femininity, gender discrimination in professions and the whole "female leader", even in the "blonde joke" phenomena. 19659002] Women and men are not equal. Each has the power of the gods who focus on their responsibility for their birth and family viability. These differences are not easy to reject … these differences do not allow gender discrimination in society and certainly not in the workplace. In fact, because of glass ceiling and gender discrimination, professional women should be better than men to be successful! It makes them better decisions … and I really made these decisions! A doctor, ophthalmologist, podiatra and a recent surgeon are both female. Obviously, female priests are welcome in my world.

An oily minister was present at an Islamic State. They asked him when women would win equality … and he said jokingly, "When the sand of the Sahara turns to Jello." I can not accept the issue of gender inequality and I am in any case against the current Islamic extremism.

Women's looting and disrespect among Muslim extremists is just an indicator of life's ignorance. This is only a trace, albeit significant, to the larger issues of suicide bombers and non-discriminatory slaughter. If the gender question was milder then other acceptable behaviors could follow.

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