We ourselves are a complete story that begins and ends when birth begins when our soul leaves our bodies. The whole story tells a life that moves differently up and down. Sometimes every stage of life becomes a historical novel

When our own life is a serious novel with an unknown page number, it is obvious that stories will affect our personality and lifestyle. For centuries, a significant part of wisdom, personality development, healing, and spiritual growth have become known.

In view of the importance of the history of pediatric care, psychologists have been summoned in enormous ways to support the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of the child. Ever since they have been recognized, they recognize it as a means of creating children's lives. This is one of the simplest and easiest methods to bring values ​​and virtues into a child.

Many people do not know the importance of storytelling, but the truth is that they have a direct impact on the child's thinking. , and the behavior of the child. The actions and words of the child are governed by morals and values ​​handed down by stories.

There are different types of stories that mediate different values ​​and meanings. Today, stories have become an important part of children's education, which is promoted by every school and institute because of its positive effects on child growth. Reading and telling the history of schools promotes the vocabulary of the child's vocabulary and helps them to manage a particular language.

Early in time, the Victorians presented the tales to nursery schooling because these stories inspired imagination and thinking ability as a child. Since then, fairy tales are the hot favorites of children of all ages. There are moral stories that teach classroom lessons and help them deal with different situations in life. Mythology-based stories are considered the best-known stories from which children pass on virtues and ethics. Traditional Stories are a great way to continue traditional beliefs and values ​​from one generation to the next. Then there are fun stories that entertain the kids and the evening conversations that can help you sleep peacefully throughout the night. Likewise, there are various other childhood stories that directly or indirectly affect the child's entire life.

Story telling can be the perfect tool for delivering life lessons and making the child social and emotional.

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