Organizational culture is the latest method for studying companies and other organizations, but it has always been about such studies to determine how and why they succeed or not.

many of the organizational culture's many definitions and numerous articles and books on the subject. The most important conclusions are that they refer to the behavior, values, ethics and beliefs of a group of participants at a given time and place.

Almost all of us are involved in an organizational culture, whether it is our country, an ethnic group, a religious group, a workplace or a social club. In the professional world, however, this term serves to understand and understand business culture.

If you look at a business that you know (maybe you think it's trustworthy), you'll see the outer appearance of culture. Things like logos, office buildings or factories, clothes codes, or even parking lots.

If you look deeper, you find that there are many cultures in the only culture. Organizational cultural differences can be between different departments of the company. For example, there may be differences between engineering staff and manufacturing staff, and if the differences are large enough, they may interfere with communication between them.

New employees entering the company can see many cultural publishers and have a number of cultural behaviors, but sometimes there are values ​​that are owned by existing participants, they themselves do not know if they are there. This is the hardest part of organizational culture to understand and often the lack of knowledge about these values ​​is causing new and innovative ideas to be overcome.

It is important that administration, especially leaders, the existing culture, learn what they know about the unconscious values ​​they possess.

Changing the culture of an organization is not an easy task. Many years may take a gradual change, but this can happen, and many companies like Chrysler turn their organizations in a different direction, boosting profit and stability

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