The main purpose of the work is:

Under the captain's command and according to corporate policies and procedures, the waiter / waiter performs his duties on the basis of the following principles:

– the highest level of professional ethics

highlights and projects have a great picture of the hotel

– is interested in the operational objectives of the hotel

– works with maximum transparency and thus the truth of general observations

Key Function:

table control of a gas station, maximize the immediate effectiveness of food and beverage production and guest satisfaction in accordance with body standards

Key Result Area: Customer Satisfaction

Responsibilities of Main Responsibilities

– Ensures the implementation of daily planning through the list of activities received [19659003] – Traces Tra (19659003) – Orders for Foods and Beverages by Hotel Standard

– Delivers Food and Beverage Food from Dispatchers

– Provides Assigned Tables

– Helps Busboy / girl in the settlement tables, if necessary.

– Sets the sessions during setup time and in service time

– needs to know in detail the foods and drinks in the menu.

– immediately reports to the Supervisor regarding any misunderstanding, problem or accident of the guest or staff.

– Constructively communicates with guests to assess guest messages. satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, follow immediate action.

– Training and careful attention to various items and tasks on a daily basis.

Main Result Area: Employee Satisfaction

Responsibilities of Main Functions

– Log in or out of service as soon as you reach or leave the business.

– Listen to the pre-meal briefings, pay close attention to the instructions of the superiors, which relate to today's service outcomes. always fair, well-groomed, disciplined and honest

– immediately notifies the supervisor of any misunderstanding, problem or accident of the guest or staff.

Key Performance: Financial Performance

– Follow-up and Closing Procedure

– Provides immediate notice of damage to the Principal.

– Ensures controls and seamless cooperation with cashiers. all actions

– proposes to reduce costs without affecting hotel quality and standards

– Provides energy and water saving

Key Result Area: Environmental Consciousness

Responsibilities of Main Functions

– Fair provides information on household cleaning plans

– Operates all equipment according to the Operational Guidelines.

– meets the laws and legal requirements of fire, health, safety, hygiene, licensing and employment

– knows all local customs

Basic attitudes:

– Can be called an occasion to perform other tasks that are not included in this job description.

– The ultimate goal of the waiter / waitress is to reach full customer satisfaction. 59003] – The key responsibility of the waiter / waitress is to always have a good relationship with his superiors, colleagues and subordinates.

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