Although it is self-evident that there is a wide spectrum of these and no one (except for omega males) perfectly fits into a particular category

. , I think if you try these ideas and keep them in mind, you can find them as accurate and useful. Try these and see what you find.

That said, let's continue …

The player.

This is a guy who invented some tricks that help him attract and sleep women. However, women see it as an object of self masturbation, not real people with real feelings.

The upside is that players are very social and kind, and even entertaining, so they are hard to notice.

He may have been a nice guy in the past, but he was so burned that he went to the other extreme and stopped worrying.

It is now devoting its social time to use women for sex and gratification

Players can have a strong emotional presence, but they are not capable of long-term commitment (ie, steady sex).

Players are secretly afraid of death, though the subject was seldom introduced because "

Players generally do not seek to refine themselves without finding tricks on women in their own trials and mistakes.

Players do not want relationships, but this is often because they lack integrity

The Pimp

It is a woman who is surrounded by women and dominates, but it is totally lacking in ethics to keep her efforts or to keep women respected forever. the conquests have come to an end, as women finally gather the courage to go together and return to get more and more loot on the street. Commitment and even fair friendship is difficult if it is not impossible for such a person (maybe some legendary pimps except for those in the famous documentary … but nevertheless it's not a good idea to read this because it will never happen again.This is not you and you'll get it and the jail will probably suck …)

Pick Up Artist (or "PUA" or "seductive artist") [19659002] This is complicated because there are decent guys in the seductive community who are innocently trying to improve their dating life and themselves.

The pua community, however, is basically McDonald's self-development. It's cheap, fast, they do the job, but both are untenable as lifestyles and skills. (responsibility substitution: this is not for everyone).

People … never forget that you are still the one who drives your own success. Training materials, coaches, and experience guides are just in the toolbox. It is still up to you to choose the most effective way to work and feel better if you want to pull yourself up to the maximum potential heights.

Still, the rapporteur is pretty much like a player, but it's undeniably worse because ACTIVELY tries to seduce women and ruthlessly examines ways to figure out how to circumvent a woman's edge to sleep with her. He then records the conquest and spreads his widespread results to various temptation forums that do not know women.

The tricks you learn, not by accident. They have patologically obsessed practice with the sole purpose of sleeping with women and nothing else.

It is a fact that, unlike the player (who has the magic of the trial and the error), the pickup attractive and charming qualities of artists are a complex dream, a person

Recording artists aim to improve themselves but some misled the resources they use. At best, these are men who are truly honest and simply wear the "PUA" banner. At worst, he takes on a cult-style religious obsession and takes up material and refuses to listen to any other dating advice to anyone outside the praying special enthusiast.

Remember, guys, "good" are often the "big" worst enemy.

Some artists are ethical, some are not. Some are full-reptilian balloons with well-crafted people who are meant to think about them around them.

The main facillite of this semi-powerful (but very defective) cultural trend is a very high magical magician (literally) to make his students like him (not himself). His abilities are largely due to his personality type that he teaches better than he teaches

He's totally deprived of his psychic understanding of a human being's conscience with a deaf-hearted model

If you are a woman, and you find "no" if you are an artist where things are intimidating, be prepared to manipulation tactics such as "freezing" where you are walking and ignoring it until it comes back or the next series, protects and disrespects your wishes. I'm not saying it does not work. Many guys in the slate of dating advice make a lot of progress in seduction. However, if the counselor's advice goes to the expense of honesty or ethics, the effects are short-lived or how well (at best) how well they work. Ask anyone who has a happy, permanent monogamine relationship. In general, there are many things left behind that they have learned because they did not need it.

Some pickup artists are just tricky tricks on their vagina and feel the right to women.

Others are alpha men who are even less conscientious about learning new tricks.

Sexually beautiful, intelligent, mature women struggling for fearful girlfriends rarely fall into the tree tricks, and if so, they figure out they're cheating and never calling the pua.

Wussy (also known as narcissist or boy in a man's body, or "whimpster").

Like a beta male, wussy is even worse because it deals with manipulative behavior, beautiful and innocent on the surface. Even worse: maybe he does not realize his own evil in his quest to win love.

The wussy tries to attract the attraction through generosity, unusually great kindness, extravagant gifts, and extraordinary actions of endless attention. This is the guy who left the roses in his high school closet, even though it was never the first thing he said was "hi".

Sometimes they can be sweet and glamorous at the beginning,

In worst cases, wussy can become a stalker, so beware.

Popular Examples:

Lloyd Dobbler from the famous John Cusack movie (19659002) Say Anything

Conor Oberst ("Singer of Bright Faces")

James Blunt

Michael Flatley

Also known as "The Bad Boy"

This is you handsome. The mountain climber. The timber. Your warrior. A Cage Fighter. Your motorbike. A Rock Star. European adultery. Club Thumper

It comes in a number of exterior forms, but it has deep-seated features:

It is incontestably masculine and extremely sexually appealing. He plays his own rules and does not care. He is on his own way. Hard inside and out. It's great in the fight (or at least in the beginner's fight) and is great in sex.

His flirtatious and sexual attraction skills are fantastic and are very strong, dominant, dangerous, yet safe and tempting. ] However, its volatile nature also means it can be an abusive jerk (sometimes it is true, sometimes not, so be aware).

There is often no ethics that means doing anything (even hurting without getting women) Lies his modus operandi and whatever is a decent game no matter which heart breaks

For this reason, conquest (unless the girl in question has low self-esteem) and fights with the woman (or women) … if she is still at risk.

The alpha male has no chance of long-term relationship, even after having sex with her, she looked, she disappeared and never returns

Many alpha men never want to improve themselves and they do not care.

Popular examples (just a few of them): [19659002]

Unwarned Film Character (Olivier Martinez)

Popular Examples (Just a few):

All Action Films

Beta Man (also known as "Nice Guy")

A persistent threat to the dreaded "Let's Become Friends" speech, the beta man is usually a decent person. Friendly, kind, trustworthy, never harming a woman anyway. Thanks to these positive qualities, it is likely to be quite easy to make friends with women and people in general.

It can also be a sure career with a decent income, but there is no sense in a deeper mission or goal in his life that makes him less attractive … as if he "misses something".

Sexually, some may be agonized, but overall quite boring, and as a person who is stable but predictable, and so the relationship with him grows too long overtime. 19659002] The disadvantage is that it often gives a little too much of everything without having to ask for anything in return and probably not get stuck enough. You feel too emotionally too emotionally for women, but it does not have sexual attraction to make it easier for you to get your boyfriend.

If you ever get a date, a girl who is down because he thinks he can not do better, or a beautiful girl who is simply desperate to be "stable" (that is tired of dating and so decides to endure boredom against abuses).

Most beta men do not want to improve themselves or do not know how. Some beta males are very cynical and have a "poor" outlook.

The beta males are deeply afraid of death, even if they are outlined that they do not.

Bright Eyes Singer

Lloyd Dobbler (Old John Cusack Character)

The Omega Man (also known as "Real Man" and "Gentleman with an Edge" )

The best blend of sex is god, badass, true friend, and impeccable integrity and morality. This is the one who has all the badasseries of a male alpha and male positive male friends, but he has no negative side effects with NONE either.

This is the highest state of development for a person

Omega males are tough, powerful, true, honest, gentle, ethical, wise, practical, self-conscious, responsible, wild, passionate and fantastically good at sex, flirting and social

Omega males are unusually rare for the work and effort that one becomes, omega males are all that every woman ultimately strives for.

Only a stupid woman will cheat or leave an omega male, and even that is rare, because the Omega Man knows how to pick up a proper girlfriend (or wife) within a few minutes to meet her.

Those who despise this concept or are doubtful just because they have never experienced

Omega Males is not perfect (because perfection is impossible) but they are able to use all kinds of skills to keep in touch with the women they have, and to appreciate them, to love them and to have a great desire for them.

Omega Males Their powerful sense of life, their existing cause is not afraid of death, the never-ending Omega Males journey to becoming a better person and improving their skills every day in every area of ​​life.

Popular examples (just to name a few, in a strange order):

Gerald Butler (Leonidas 300)

Christian Bale

Sean Connery

George Clooney

Gregory Peck

Brad Pitt

Edward Norton

Will Smith

Denzel Washington

Samuel L. Jackson

Antonio Banderas

V V for Vendetta [19659002] Humphrey Bogart

Clark Gable

C Grant

Every James Bond 007 character.



Dr. Paul Dobransky M.D. (Inventor of Omega Men's System)

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