My first passion I've ever had in my life was Star Trek. This show featured silly costumes and weird strangers with so much intelligence that people were able to outgrow the hairstyles of the sixties and the amusing uniforms to get to the message. He helped me when my parents struggled and got rid of me as an isolated teenager. Star Trek taught me about ethics, tolerance, etc. Many fans can join. Star Trek fans were my first "family". They were introduced and accepted, so they reduced my social alienation and met my first vegetarian and vegan friend. This was the beginning of the 90s.

Thirty years later I'm a passionate and ruthless vegan. This is my lifestyle, my raison d'etre. I believe that veganism must be a way for people to develop spiritually, physically and mentally. This is the only sustainable way to continue this planet. How does Star Trek fit this?

Star Trek: On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the next generation, they were forced to see my old favorites again and see if my perception changed (or not, and I realized I was older!). It is legitimate to say that the world of vegan is not so much overwhelmed by the general conditioning of food industry, pharmaceutical industry, corporate purchasers, politicians and cohorts as well as the whole society as most non-vegans. Even for liberals, the environment, health, the rights of women, etc. They are largely unable to see the connection between their plates and the movements they are fighting with in their progressive ideas.

to get acquainted with Star Trek for many years and was astonished to discover that during the first season of ST: TNG, this line was featured by William Riker's first post (Jonathan Frakes): " (Lonely Among Us Season 1), I'm still a well-conditioned carnivore, and I did not know about animal cruelty, the environment, or the prices of rusty foods. The original title of the blog is actually "why not link the points when the facts are there, "which I can still write, but I was more willing to take over the mythology of Star Trek and how Gene Roddenberry created the two creatures (Original Trek and Next Gen), which I realized was a great philosophy I'm not attacking Rick Berman, who produced the next generation and created Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise, but something lost or sideways.

Gene Roddenberry created Mr. Spock and allowed actor Leonard Nimoy to help him create the personality and culture of creation. The volcanoes continued to evolve to the elegant, sober and logical civilization, which is still the most popular among fans. However, Star Trek: Enterprise has made clear efforts to curb their ethics, which bothered many fans and did not have a goal (but this is a long story). According to the original presentation, Vulcan vegans (or at least vegetarians, never show clearly in the original demonstration, although known as the Vegetarian), and are not emotionally guided by them. It is interesting to note that carnage involves aggression and violence. It is therefore perfectly understandable that the volcanoes who are lovers of peace and diplomats, vegans or vegetarians will be. Gene Roddenberry was a Buddhist and a vegetarian, and this is definitely reflected in the creation of volcanoes. They follow a logical code that incorporates all forms of life, but they all look at separation and peace. This is no different from the ideas and commitment of the Buddhist peace to include the animals. That's when Gene visitor falls. Fans, Gene Roddenberry "Great Bird of the Galaxy" (Bird is right).

He also embraced women's rights. Star Trek's first pilot, The Cage (Jeffrey Hunter, a pilot denied being too "brain"), wore women's trousers, not a mini skirt. Captain Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) was first female officer (Majel Barrett). The original pilot was more prominent than Kirk's second pilot. Mini skirts and stupid hairstyles appeared at Shatner's pilot, but Gene successfully held a woman on the bridge (and an African too!), Though it was limited to the 60's conventions and the television network. He had liberal ideas, and in season 2 a famous (then Communist) Russian was featured on his bridge (played by Chekov Walter Koenig). It was also the first television series that was clearly multiracial and inclusive, though it was still sexist. The only double animal is mentioned as a potential food in the show when a supernatural teenager cops fake turkeys (according to the cook) by Captain Kirk and Tribbles (remembering the cute furry murmuring nightmare) Kirk chicken sandwich that was just the replica (and therefore no animal has killed her food). At the show, food looks much smaller in starch or plastic than anything else. Does not look too appetizing but obviously free of cruelty The sustained impact of the original demonstration is related to the progressive, visionary, and inclusive ideas that did not actually succeed, probably beyond time (still somehow, ignoring the show appearance and pre-women's lib's sexism). It's like getting a secret message, sleeping with him, we could wake up in a few years and find out what it means.

Let's go fast forward a century later. Star Trek: Thanks to the next generation, Gene had to create more visions. Women eventually become active participants, not only the second is male, more species are represented. We still see mini skirts among crew members, but some people wear them (that's what I thought was a cool reverse sword). At the same time, leave the volcanoes becoming secondary characters or cones and entering a more relaxed and enlightened human race .. or is it? Yes, we know and from the beginning it was found that in the 24th century people no longer slave animals. But have they overcome their superiority over the animal kingdom? the answer is not. Gene Roddenberry became ill at the beginning of the 90's (she died in Season 2 or Season 3 in 1991) and it is obvious that although she retained her status as a producer and executive producer she was too sick to preserve her with this ideology and co-author, Rick Berman was clearly more responsible for the heirs. As the show arrives for the second season, we see Riker's eggs (foreign eggs, but still eggs) that are not made by computers (say) but from real animals. Of course, I thought these computer eggs were not real, but they were not, unfortunately, real. Worse, in a new episode, the Enterprise rescues colonies returning to "weaker" times, raising raising animals (reminders of today's human beings). The poor, frightened pigs (tied to the cords), the chickens and the gets (who are in a cage) come to the ship's deck (the question of animal cruelty in the stock is obviously not the problem of the growers) and again we see that people have not learned to be animals without exploitation. I do not suggest that Rick Berman allowed these changes to take place as so many people took part in these exhibitions, but he was one of the most prominent producers and obviously not worried about ethical animal testing.

What happened to not using animals for food? Oh, I'm sorry it was just a birth that would mean getting rid of CAFOs, but not utilizing animals to some extent (humane or non-human). In another episode of the second season, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) is riding on horseback riding (riding a horse in Generic with Captain Kirk) and both and advising Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) refer to holographic horses (one does not even deal with the animal as a sentient being, even holographic), all the way through the conversation. Picard admits that he needs the company and that the horse he is going to ride is that. Troi even says, "I never thought of you as an animal." In the 24th century it is still unclear whether the animals are not just domestic animals or foods? If the show did not have such a great story, I do not think I could pass it on and watch out for my unfinished days. The Star Trek Beauty: The next generation is the character's development, growth and learning. And they do it pretty well (according to the 21st century), but they could do much more. The doctors doctor forgot to mention to Ricker what bad egg he had on cholesterol? What about white bread sandwiches Picard fed to Wesley Crusher (Will Weaton)? Did not they learn about diet? (okay, this is a TV series I forgot about the 20th century thinking of bla bla bla in the 24th century.) In this technique, the 24th century society is more advanced, I think they found a tablet to cure too high cholesterol as in the same way , does not attract people to improve their nutrition. But it must be better. If, as they say in the show, people are no longer starving, meat consumption must be reduced and the limited animal factories have to be eliminated. There is no way. But they never mention it, so I can only speculate on the facts that we know today. This is because I have never seen a greasy person or aliens (unless it was a villain, which misled the stereotype idea). Star Trek's tendency is secular (and I'm not against it). No God is respected except for the God of Science. As Dr. Will Tuttle pointed to world peace diets, science and religion are the two outrageous brothers who stand behind their livestock. Fortunately, writers of the show often raise questions about dehumanizing a tech-obsessed society. At the same time, they emphasize respect for sentient forms of life and forget the life forms of our own planet. Species in its own garden: planet Earth, but tolerance for others: aliens. Otherwise I will not attack ST: TNG, just watch the show again, so these scenes are fresh in my head. In fact, I think Deep Space Nine is in Ferengi's capitalism, Klingon's violence, and even worse, that the Alliance is hurt! But this is a long story.

Sometimes, however, a great line slides and reminds us that Gene Roddenberry's spirit is still wandering on the show. The Star Trek: Enterprise pilot, T & # 39; Pol (eventually a female Vulcan and Jolene Blalock played great), tells Captain Archer (Scott Bakula): "People claim that an enlightened species is still consumed the meat animals ". I was a "hoarse"! "as long as he veratally fired the vegan's face with the stupid human response of Trip Tucker (Connor Trineer):" Never give me a fuck by eating. "(Facepalms) It's like the show's creators want to make sure the volcanoes vegetarians, but it does not matter at all, but in a later episode, a clear new effort will be made in this direction, and the company will meet with a renegade volcanic boat that includes emotions and before eating a meat before a clearly outrageous T & # 39; Pol. However, the writers of the episode understood the volcanic ethics, and by the end of the episode it turned out that these emotional volcanoes (as far as they like them in the Enterprise) are also emotionally violent. Captain Archer has to admit that T & logic volcanoes "have their point" and admit to him that he never understood, but now, finally. place ongoing, that strong emotions can lead to violence, and that aggressive people like the carcass. There is a glimpse of understanding that precedes what Gene Roddenberry did in the 60s. It's unfortunate they did not do it. I think this staff is less developed since the show should be in the 22nd century, and so before Kirk and Spock. But let's go! We could hope that we could develop unless, as many show stories reveal, there is a Third World War and a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Sometimes I think violence is the only thing human race has to do. The latest massacre (Aurora) reminds us that hate, nurturing drug children, promoting violence against the gang (constitutional or non-America needs to evolve), force the children's animal bodies and therefore teach them to live cheap (children who did not want to kill or relieve other animals or married cats and dogs were killed, vegans were born, but learned to suffer from meat and dairy products), a violent media and competition can not go anywhere in our civilization anywhere. Nevertheless, they cultivate compassion, care, respect, acceptance (including and in particular the involvement of other sentient beings), life instructor (which includes diet, proper sexual education, opposed idiotic abstinence education and life ideas) intelligent for adults, what Gene Roddenberry's idea is just a dream and not a possible reality for our future. Then they remind us that we all have the opportunity to grow and learn to be better people than Picard and Co. This is the legacy of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek: the growth and learning opportunity. Now I wonder if a vegan one day meets a great science-fantastic show with a real vegan perspective. Imagine what it is like: lively Earth, exploitation of animals and living animals do not live like nature, people do not die with preventable diseases or preventable starvation, trees, plants, gardens, cars and other modes of transport, people are walking, enjoying time, being healthy and mindful, REAL art everywhere, advertising … Oh, sorry this is utopia.

If this world needs to be born, we as the vegans should serve as an example to others. We can not preach to others, we can only teach them. Recently, a study has shown that when an opinion reaches 10% of the population, a shift is made, which makes the whole population more acceptable. There are currently 7.5 million vegans in the US. About 2% of the population believe. Increase this number until the shift is done. If this number can double in only three years, there is no reason not to be four times, etc. Anyway, we do not need replicators to replace animal meat, there's Torfurkey! To a vegan future!

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