Norman Vincent Peele wrote, "Your enthusiasm will be infectious, stimulating, and impressive to others, they will love you for it. Many individuals in leadership positions put a show of enthusiasm when addressing others, while observation of their actions often says otherwise. However, true enthusiasm, which includes your smile, body language, words, and actions will create a motivating atmosphere that attracts others to your vision, goals and ideas. People prefer to be around someone who makes them feel better, both about themselves and their circumstances, and will want to follow someone who exhibits true enthusiasm. When a leader motivates others, they will follow him and adopt their cause and vision as theirs, and thus the overall effectiveness of the leader is drastically enhanced.

1. Rhetoric may initially bring people in to listen, but the rhetoric soon becomes empty words, unless accompanied with viable action. Those leaders who act as if their enthusiastic sounding words are enough to lose followers in a short period. People can follow or listen once and for a while, but most people want more than mere words. A leader who enthusiastically treats others with warmth, and maintains absolute integrity, is almost always the most effective type of leader.

2. Great leaders have ideas, and for those ideas to have any impact, they must attract others to follow willingly and enthusiastically. Besides the rhetoric and warmth, as well as absolute integrity, the greatest of the leaders are always the first ones to volunteer, the first to show up, and the first to focus on what can and should be instead of what may be but needs to be improved. Now people are turned off by those in leadership who do little more than gripe and complain, are inspired by those who exhibit their enthusiasm in every action they take. Enthusiastic leaders are hands-on leaders, who inspire others by the example that they set, and the high example they set. When others see a leader who is not only genuinely enthusiastic, but exhibits those other intangibles of morality, ethics, integrity, decision making, planning, strategy and follow up, and then consistently lead by example, there is very little importance that can not be accomplished.

Do you have what it takes to be a true leader? Are you genuinely enthusiastic about what you do, and about the organization that you plan to lead? Do you inspire others with your inspiration? Are you a positive influence? In leadership, there is no substitute for motivating others, and without genuine enthusiasm and belief in one's cause and core beliefs, one can be in a position of leadership, but can not be a true leader. If you want to be a great leader, always be enthusiastic about everything you do, or intend to do!

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