This is a "get rich quick" or "ethnic or mentality" rich. This is the notion and idea that merely mere involvement in petroleum trade, whether as a trader, as an intermediary, as an agent or as a mediator, almost automatically guarantees a millionaire, at a multibillion-dollar station, and almost no time at all! This is an ethics and mentality that has spread to the common way of thinking and the state of mind of the average mediator, or to deepening the participants today in business, and has been particularly intensified since the modern era of online commerce. In a word, this is a mentality that states that oil and oil trading is an enterprise rich in wealth and wealth, and it is easy to guarantee the broker who is involved in everything, but in particular as an agent or a kind of intermediary, that an analyst according to "you are super rich next week or next month".

Historically, in the past, over a decade (and beyond), there was almost always a large number of "professional intermediaries" operating on oil and other commodities in "secondary market" tradesmen who were primarily, but in fact, faith or internal he was convinced that working as an intermediary in the industry was a reasonable way for honest life, which, if it does not lead to immediate wealth, is at least the means of living and stable economic development and prosperity.

However, recently, given and growing role as the dominant and preferred means of mediating mediation, it has been gradually shifting and evolving over the years, intermediaries and intermediaries are "new breeds" (brokers, agents, etc.) in commerce. Often, it was much less in education than in the pre-pre-Internet generation and in general less familiar with and experienced the art of international commerce as it became easier for businesses to access the Internet as a group, post-Internet the "new kind" of mediators and mediators is usually less confused than a normal moral code or ethics and fairness, and is rather greedy and, at a "big and fast pace", hesitates only as an intermediary. And it is equally important that they are relieved of this intangible, dubious, rich and quick ambition in any way, including the deceit of unsuspecting or persuasive international raw buyers, as this support system is facilitated and facilitated by the Internet and provides easier coverage of anonymity.

As noted by many well-known scientists and honored analysts in the industry, the rich, fast-hearted greed and mentality in this tough, global economy in today's times (mid-2012) has reached a new, particularly fierce high, so many sinners, fraudsters who did not actually have any crude oil, they have never seen an unprecedented number of international crude oil sales as a fertile ground for them to reach their ambiguous ambition to "hit a big and fast blow."

Robert McAngus (of many others), Managing Partner / CEO of Robert McAngus Group, is a phenomenon. In a 2004 article, McAngus gave a fairly tense voice to the ever-growing, often unrealistic, divorce-related commission fees recently demanded or awaited by brokers and intermediaries involved in petroleum trading.

McAngus says, "Over the last few years, I've seen the possible charge on the transaction spiral going up, in some cases reaching the $ 50 / dollar metric tons of astronomical height between 50/50 on the buying side and the sales side, God for love, for a lifetime, or at least for math, a simple 100,000 metric ton transaction based on the numbers I've quoted, that's $ 30 million. "McAngus continues, asking:" Please explain how, as buyers, they should justify it the amount to the bank where we have a credit line, and maybe if there is a reader at this point, they can explain the broker so they can find this amazing amount of money … I have no idea how much the magnitude of the oil transaction they are paid to brokers, or for this reason, who will pay in the transaction, surely I am not the buyer! "

the idea and thinking is that in order to achieve this great financial situation of business wealth, it may not have to work hard or be trained or particularly experienced and conscious, but essentially nothing else to achieve this – perhaps just a few copied or false trading in counterfeit oil, but passing on the Internet documents that are normally mediated by other similarly unknown brokers and intermediaries. B. WHY OR THERE IS THAT WONDER?

The main question of course is: how true or true is this general thinking, if any? Is oil happening in petroleum and oil trading a mediator? Soon we will deal with this issue. But first, let us deal with this general nature of thought and with its general origin or origin.


Of course, other relevant relevant factors and impacts could also have existed to which the origin and origin of its presence were related to oil- , a "get-rich-quick mentality" -day phenomenon. But for the purposes of this, it is sufficient to merely say that, on the basis of its own extensive research topic, it seems above all to be a dominant intellectual factor that significantly influenced and supported most of the current variety of internet brokers and intermediaries when formulating the business of oil trading, greed and rich mentality as described above, which is widely spread among these actors in the oil business.

And what is this factor? Incredibly, this factor seems to be a fairly vague e-book, not properly addressed as "How to Find a $ Millions Oil Deal." His author, Sam Igwe, has been operating as an oil service since 2003 as a pseudonym named Sam Nelson. Authentic research shows that an early, inexpensive yet powerful and influential internet promoter and preacher of the Gospel is the quickie-and-light-rich-a-service-a-oil-deal agent, this simple publication by Mr. Sam Igwe, alias Sam Nelson, titled "How to Find a $ Millions Oil Deal"

D. Nelson's "Enrichment – Fast-Non-Work or Effort"

Basically Doctrine Of Actuality Sam Nelson, "How to Get $ Millions Oil Deal," is the book's full account of billing as an enthusiastic gospel that enthusiastically formulates , what does the title mean?

Although initially nominally stated that the book is not a "Get Rich Quick" book, the book immediately states, "If you are sure, fast and real way to earn fast, stable, honest living and how to become a millionaire, "The publication is called a" clear path of financial freedom "and its primary task is to teach the reader" the long-term secrets of how to function intelligently and in a few months as a major agent, a millionaire become "and argues that" it is intended to open the eyes and minds of readers to join the major players in the oil business ".

In terms of money, the average brokerage agent or "facilitator", Nelson states that

"• knows that Oil Deal Facilitator and EARN Millions of dollars may be within a few months • you know that you can become a Buyer or Seller agent • Do you know $ 2,000,000 just to successfully complete an Oil Business within a few months? "He adds that you can" launch yourself into the Millionaires Club "to" change your life forever if you've been Oil Deal Facilitator and within two months you can look for two million dollars … [with only] phone and internet access, the only investment is this step by step (Manual). "

Nelson sums up the doctrine of" super wealth overnight ":

" More Million barrels of crude oil can be sold all over the world, just a click away with the mouse, some phone calls and extra smart work … several milli o Search for dollars in a few months successfully closed An Oil Deal works as a facilitator working at home. These secrets have not been disclosed because the participants do not want the audience to learn the game. These oil giants are very privileged to learn the game and keep up people feel they need to be a millionaire before he can attend. This is not true. "

E. No Work, No Education or Skills Needed

And is there any work or effort the agent needs to do to master this business and succeed Nelson according to Nelson Nelson says, "Is there any education, skill, knowledge, investment and experience that is simple and simple! It will only work from your dining table at your own pace and bring millions of dollars within a few months. No hidden costs. There is no huge investment. No prizes. (WHY ARE NOT "AWARDS"). "

A. But how true is this thinking?

And now we are returning to this central, but critical question: how true is this general thinking if it is at all? The essence of the question is whether Are Gambling in Petroleum Trading Indifferent?

In fact, if we simply say a word, it is perhaps the most basic and most trustworthy thing that can be said to be "not rich in wealth and wealth without work and effort" oil trader or broker simply means that this doctrine is completely and manifestly false and misleading and is contradictory and directly contradicts the whole truth and the real REALITY of the business world, so the aforementioned thinking clearly contradicts the well-being sound, tried and tested trading teaching and thinking digging, which has long preached, practiced and successfully used by mainstream traders and most respected and successful professionals and professionals in the trade generations in the industry!


Naturally, fair money or fact, still high incomes can still be achieved and can continue to be realized, many people who are engaged in mediation today and many contributors are still in close contact with oil trades that are lucrative. But this is ONLY by someone who has already "received" the industry tax paid before it succeeds in achieving such success and earnings in the business – with the skills and qualifications required to acquire the necessary education and training, the appropriate rules and procedures of trade and, above all, practical experience and traineeship and long years (about 2-3 years or more) are a careful, patient, hard-working hard work in business.

It is obvious that this is far from the doctrine of Nelson described above, which essentially states and extends the idea of ​​dealing and trading as a world trade broker or agent, is almost automatically "guaranteed" for closing oil transactions and immediate wealth incredibly humorous and high "millionaire" financial status of achieving months in business with just the mere attempts it; and that it does not necessarily have to work hard either, either trained or experienced and familiar, but you can not get that great fortune from day to day because you can do nothing – except some copied or fake oil content on the internet has usually been transferred to that particular intermediary with other brokers and intermediaries.

It is obvious that anyone who really knows the real deal of the business immediately says that there is nothing more "Joker Broker" than philosophy than the Nelson Doctrine described above. Attitude and thinking that immediately reminds one analyst of an analysis of the basic nature of the joker broker: "Some [the “Internet” brokers or joker brokers] are rather entertaining [in the notions about the workings of business they typically exhibit] and remind us of the Nigerian deceit. [just] Not so.

However, such attitudes and thinking basically reflect the underlying mentality and mentality that typically permeates and controls among those who are attracted to the petroleum trade and are caught in the role of an agent or intermediary – thinking and mentality that basically considers petroleum trading business as money for instant financial wealth and one that does not require deep learning or knowledge to achieve it requires long experience and hard work, but a single it is only a few copied or has never verified the "documents" on the Internet! The basic attribute and mentality of the "get-rich-quick-through-the-intermediate-work-without-work-or-study" the unbelievable unrealistic, unrealistic mentality and difficult to understand behaviors often appear among online agents and agents in the international oil market market often in the supply of business deals or often unrealistic, unrealistic and unrealistic demands, seemingly pure dreaming as a serious, unequivocal part of the simple reality and completely opposed to the well-established standards of trade at all times and the usual business! 19659003] H. That Pure Greed Blinds and Hoodwins People in this Doctrine

This is a way of thinking and mentality which, however, is rooted in the doctrine of Sam Nelson, the primary and strong impetus in a fundamental factor – mere human GREED and FANTASY or MYTHOLOGY! Many times, especially with the false idea that an "olive" becomes over-rich from the blues overnight, so many brokers are trying innocently and naively to lock someone who they believe or hope to be true, but actually not really. But many times too blind and survive the false beliefs in the pipe of their dreams that they will be "super-rich next week or next month" overnight, practically doing nothing or being too proud or amazed to simply accept or let go, that such convictions and procedures being present are simply incorrect or impracticable, so they refuse to change their way and continue the same futile way to waste their time and the precious time of others, for months and years they are endeavoring to try to pursue yet simply unmanageable things – finally began to dawn that they had not been closed for a long time or likely to close the deal and did not reach or would probably have been a dime of income!

These warning warnings and suffering are a highly experienced and successful 35-year veteran of the business, Robert McAngus, managing partner / CEO of the International Conglomerate, Robert McAngus Group, increasing greed and demands at an unrealistic level for agents and agents , it seems that the angle is right on its head:

"The oil business has been in existence since 1976, many years before the birth of the internet and Skype. I have practical experience and practical skills and skills to try some misunderstanding [held by brokers and intermediaries about what they should be paid] is right "as he firmly advises brokers and agents to come from the old school asking for" THINK THE DEAL THROUGH. "If you are a young mediator with fresh face or an experienced veteran carpet, Think about the process, I'm sure you realize that this industry needs hard work and effort, so you do not just have to transfer your business from your friend Joe to your next broker friend, make some kind of barrage and find out whether the affairs are real or not , and try to find your commissions. "

I. Do not Try In Your Hand Until You Have the Needs of Education, Training and Experience

Share Pope, a Recognized Expert of Modern International Trade Procedures that slightly undermines the Nelson doctrine of rich- fast, without work or learning, says: "[If] You want to be a doctor or an accountant or an engineer," he remembers, reminding us that things have always been in the real world; then [first] study and go to school for years Then you gain experience.You want to become a professional mediator Buyer / seller, the same ideal – 2/3 years of learning, the exchange of experience, and after the studies many give up trying.This business is so difficult.But – just a big deal you will make a small fortune, you will earn a lifetime profit in a business. If you learn and learn, your chance you can close a deal, even 50/50. [However] if you trade without a study, your chances of closing the deal are ZERO. There is no 100% study application in this business. "

The Pope adds that any person who acts as an import / export intermediary in petroleum trade but first did not carry out the appropriate studies or did not apply the appropriate doctrine of commerce practiced by certified practitioners and practitioners it is a failure to ensure that it does not close the deal or even reach a penny in income, and these persons – supposedly – must be sure that at least 99% will think about what they are doing and never it does not close the deal with up to 50 years of commerce like LOI, ICPO, BCL, POP, etc. The net is full of stupid, poorly informed intermediaries who think, in fact, everything they do does not trade in anything – waste time. "In summary, the essence of the essay is that – whatever it may be, it is actually the cause-effect of its source or creation, whether you can keep track of the book of Mr Nelson or the new ethics of the internet and the internet generation or any other unspeakable corrupt or misleading influence or anything else – literally nothing can be worse, more misleading, misleading or unlucky than the international petroleum in the marketing business today or any internet broker and agent who works or wants to work in it as accepting or buying the above-described teaching of the wealth that they serve as an intermediary for petroleum trading deals overnight, work or effort or without education it is widely acknowledged that it works between today's internet brokers and agents. In fact, even better, the central point here is that nothing can be more cruel than "Joker Broker" – that is, more negative or contemptible, more unrealistic and unrealistic, more damaging or destructive and counterproductive – for the average broker's own interests and for the best chances of ever finding success in the business or ever selling the sale, terminating the deal or making any income – like a broker to work under that thinking and mind – a mindset that is completely false and misleading false and misleading, unrealistic, unattainable, and in absolute contradiction with reality and all the norms of business.

It is simply said of the world's oil supply, it is innate in the misguided thinking of the doctrine and international trades described above about the actual nature and realities of international trade and what the indirect role of the mediator in what is usually deliberately or unconsciously, deliberately or otherwise a way that is basically the only key element that takes into account that most commission brokers fail as agents and usually do not close the deal or seek many income for months or even years in business. In addition, this unfortunate, congenital, false belief that they are holding was the most critical element that is the terrible image of the modern online commission broker for today's oil market business and the terrible picture that they usually see.

And that is very good and easy to understand, and for a largely justified reason. Why? Simply because business is based on such a malicious principle or thinking or misleading thinking that anyone directly leads them to the intermediaries involved in the oil business, mistakenly, improperly approaches and misconceptions and business processes, and thus does not desirable results and failure and are unable to close oil transaction or get commission income from participating in business.

It is simple and excellent knowledge soy with which this essay is closed, perhaps this is an international trade mediator offered by an expert and author: "There is no short cut in this business"

Or maybe I would of course add myself: "Or trade with the right philosophy and approach, or go badly if you try to trade differently!" As an intermediary (or trader), these are ONLY two options and some achievements and no one else!



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