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 Download Japanese videos for audio lessons and textbooks

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 Download Japanese videos for audio lessons and textbooks

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"Mr Takanori Tomita

I can not say enough for Nihongo lessons.

He helped me a lot is my daily life when I work in Japan people.

People say the Japanese very good and always ask me where I am I learned so I always recommend it give them this web site.


These are the NIHONGO The Japanese lessons were very enjoyable and is very useful in learning Japanese language.

I'm looking forward to checking the others! I would suggest that NIHONGO Japanese lessonsto anyone inquire to speak, read or write in Japanese.

Go on a great job! You are the best!

"Dear Takanori Tomita Thank you very much for your work.

He really did learn lots of Japanese. The context is clear and understandable.

The learning documents you provide are really good and I know you can easily follow them.

At another point in the the audio really helped me a lot the pronunciation is under construction. This was one of my best choices, and especially now I tested Japanese language skills with mother tongue speakers.

It was a great success. Thank you very much" Mario E.

"Dear Takanori Tomita;

Thank you for the NIHONGO Japanese language lessons

I think it's useful to anyone those who want to learn Japanese, I guess the lessons are very good because they help improve the errors in pronunciation pronunciation and listen as much as possible.

Thanks again for you useful lessons

Although other learn language is difficult (always), this is the system the best approach I've used in learning another language,

and though it may be sometimes overloading, your system is broken the Japanese language becomes easier understand.

I'm glad I stumbled on your site! Sincerely,

Takanori San, Konnichiwa,

The lessons it goes very well I do a bit the most of the day.

I he still started to learn hiragana First I started because she looked so confused.

enjoy the lessons are so many, as far as I know what it is here's just a Japanese restaurant Liverpool, where I live, is my direct goal go there and try what I've learned,

not I think I'm far from where I want to be, thanks for the great reason and all the followings e-mails, and has sent you assistance since I bought it it.

I attached a picture of me after I got it the Ju-Jitsu black belt, a couple of years old I think so, but they told me not It has changed a lot.

I started using yours program with another popularity computerized Japanese course. I'm very happy my purchase so far.

I really like your workout part of writing.

I managed to print my the current lesson and the dry wiping practice i hiragana.

I was so excited to find it I've read many Hiragana parts the other program I used.

I'm so excited to be through the others this course.

In a very short time they were able to read and write some very good things in just a few chapters.

I think the Japanese watches are very good and I enjoy my Japanese language learning the methods are very good for teaching people

because the Japanese language is a difficult language to learn thank you for teaching this wonderful way people. Sean Mcglynn

i am also adding the picture the attachments

From: Takanori Tomita Thursday, 13:28

Why do you want to learn Japanese to speak?

If you answered yes to one of the above, then this may be the most important letter for you.

Because I can share some of you today quick references to Japanese success. Shortcuts which facilitate Japanese language learning, maybe easier than you ever thought.

Imagine going to Japan and talking the locals and easy to understand.

You are going to a stranger without being afraid to speak Japanese, you just tell me what you want to say and the words are immediately known.

Changing your way and the way are connected with people.

You are in 30 days the less you can communicate in Japanese, ordering meals, including hotels, asking questions, earning the point is all and they understood what they were saying you.

Even at the exorbitant price you can get rid of tourism traps and exploration of markets, to meet the villagers and go where locals are going, as he calls the conversation command and functional Japanese can interact with them.

This is the best part of knowing abbreviations Japan, you learn Japanese use them immediately on various topics communicate in most cases.

I'll show you how to get it right the traps that stop most people from the ultimate Japanese speakers

My name is Tomita Takanori, I'm on the left

I am Japanese native and I lived In Japan for nearly 30 years. I am currently working in Japanese translation work and I also teach Japanese online teaching, with other Japanese teachers.

I know what other language to learn. Because when I was fourteen, I went to Australia, and I had to learn English from scratch.

From my own experience, I know I'm talking another language may seem impossible as you are they face the tip of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

From the first hand, it was seen how useless theoretical disappointment is whenever you want Australia.

The good news is that a second language is learning you do not have to struggle at all. After years of research, I discovered in a way that allows anyone to communicate any language.

So, I'll show you a totally different system which facilitates Japanese communication.

I'll show you how to talk Japanese at once I wish you first learned this. If you started this way, you're already talking Japanese.

[Warning!!] If you take seriously Japanese communication in the real world Avoid these mistakes!

Many people want to talk Japanese that they can not speak at all. Many people can not a Japanese sentence is in a month or two studying for many years

Because many textbooks or CDs are used learn Japanese to teach just the usual ghoulish the grammatical methods and the Japanese writing system learning is so boring and boring.

Many people are learning Japanese only writing and grammar

The biggest mistakes are people that is the teaching of the false language that you will never use in any situation.

You know, most courses teach grammar pieces.

Most of the time, learners and qualifiers learn Today, tomorrow's subjunctive, the sun is progressive thereafter.

So, just confused.

I was so busy learning English.

Never get rid of the sentences, and if you can not speak at all, unnatural and artificial.

Not only is this obsolete teaching method tiring for students, this is horrible for teachers too.

It's unbelievable how many teachers hate the grammar mode. Yet they have to teach because they are part of the curriculum.

Worse, it almost never works.

If it worked, there would be millions of people to speak Japanese as a second language. Yet very few people are able to communicate with the Japanese classroom.

It's a fact that the studies show that 92% of Japanese people language learners discover that they learn to write in Japanese not as easy as they thought.

You think he's learning the Japanese can use it immediately in the real world would be where every Japanese courses are started.

Unfortunately, the real world can be used immediately The Japanese are seldom taught.

Any method that contains these curricula not much help in real conversations. Some methods even seemed to suppress their communication capability.

If you use the same old time wasting strategies, exercises, boring exercises to the other people use it, you're even worse!

The reason why you can not speak Japanese yet it has nothing to do with tense mention of the other verb all conjugations, subjective learning, the Japanese verb or any grammatical material.

Not from such a will make a difference in your communication capability.

If you are a beginner, ONLY grammar even worse communication. You see, you are hesitant to overly analyze grammar when you talk. Your mind focuses on the rules, not the conversation.

Fortunately, with some simple and simple changes in your approach you can effectively speak Japanese you can use it in the real world.

Simple a formula that virtually ensures success.

The secret of learning Communicate effectively with Japanese

If you ever frustrated, tried making the Japanese lessons head or tail, I know what, I was there too. I assure it is much easier That way.

Even if you feel that there is something mental block Japanese, this time everything else. After all.

You have to listen to a native Japanese a person speaks words and phrases that appear in real life talk and repeat what they are saying.

So for rapid development and learning useful in Japanese, focusing interrogation and the ability to speak for real communication is the way.

You have to listen and talk a lot Japanese words and phrases are Japanese Japanese speakers, to really uplift your Japanese learning and fluency.

And for you who want to learn to read and write skills to read the entered text hiragana, katakana and kanji, and refers to the Roman alphabet for the correct pronunciation.

And if you want to learn the Japanese grammar You really have to do the Japanese grammar method this is useful for real communication.

I'm pretty sure you agree. It does it makes more sense to take full advantage of Japanese-language shortcuts as the Japanese teach the usual way?

NIHONGO The Japanese lesson is a new method not Japanese who want to start learning Japanese real communication!

Introducing NIHONGO The Japanese lesson, a new method of conversation, "Street-level" Japanese which helps to get fast communicating with non-natives NIHONGO Japanese lesson, quickly learns the Japanese, effectively, and easy.

You will be able to speak at a Japanese restaurant at Narita Airport, with new Japanese friends ... basically in every situation you can think of it!

Imagine order meals, book hotels, ask questions, get it the point and understand what they are saying you ... every Japanese!

You you can still escape from the excessive tourist traps and discover markets, meet villagers and go there the locals are going. You can easily interact with them because your chatting and functional Japanese command.

Nihongo The Japanese lesson teaches how to speak in Japanese of course in the simplest possible way because we use many well-known words and phrases to guide you learning from the start!

are each of them was pinched and broken smaller parts that are easier to digest so you can practice it each part separately and then collected - multiplied effectiveness.

All Lesson should be done within 10 ~ 20 minutes. As through each lesson you work in certain aspects of grammar they start to soak, which means ... in a very short time ...

you are communicating without thinking in Japanese about this.

You She realizes she can do it what you learned and used in a life situation and settings.

As then every single step that self-confidence will grow.

Before you know, you can easily understand yourself native speakers and will automatically know what to say. In addition, he speaks with the right pronunciation. like a native Japanese who spoke language throughout their lives.

Just what you did within a few short weeks.

Here is the Mi You will get to you NIHONGO Japanese Package

A full course is coming a 170-page Japanese textbook (10 Japanese lessons), 10 Japanese Conversational audio lessons like auxiliary materials the practice of pronunciation.

Total everything has everything you have to start quickly speaking conversation Japan.

Let see each component in detail

1. components: Japan Textbook (ebook) [10 Japanese language lessons]

Learn Japan for Real Communication

There 10 Japanese lessons, a total of 170 people pages altogether. THE the textbook is ebook, so you are you have to download it computer. (not printed because our office is in Japan)

While learning basic constructions, grammatical concepts and related mindset, you can keep on getting it listening and speaking skills exercises, exercises, listening understanding tests and utilization exercise.

All It consists of 10 Japanese lessons from the following sections:

These real conversation part always happens Between 2 people. In this part is what it is added pictures easier to mention.

Instead of trying to stare in the text strong relationships imagine.

Expected all conversations converted into each lesson will practice the often.

In order to remember all the lines that need to be executed the conversations of course.

There two types of exercises.

One is listening to you Japanese speaking and another Irish Japan.

Listen to the recorded audio files that are the real conversation part (1), in practice Speech and Hearing.

And learn to write these are Japanese vocabulary We mentioned.

Component # 2: 10 Japanese audio lessons - MP3 Learn to speak Japanese naturally and fluently!

Together with Japanese textbooks, 10 contains audio files thee. So you can practice a conversation Japanese conversational terms which are included in each lesson.

You will learn how to properly say every word and phrase like the native of Japan because we picked up a native Japanese teacher conversations.

The Japanese sound files averaged over 3 5 minutes - this is approx. 1 hour audio clock you can listen to time and time again!

The Audio files are MP3 format so you can listen to your iPhone or any smartphone.

Click here to download the NIHONGO Japanese Lesson instantly to your computer

To summarize everything .. The whole thing Japanese learning materials can only be a bit yours Minute.

You will not speak Japanese with our innovative interactive course and many additions resources will help you learn in Japan as a diplomat!

The NIHONGO Japanese watches I'll teach you to simply understand the Japanese.

We use many well-known words and phrases and find them in a realistic position everyday environment. Each lesson is very easy to learn broken into small parts, so you can practice each part one by one, and then collect them together.

Easy to apply memorizing tips and tricks to remember Japanese words are better, including kanji symbols

How pronounced different Japanese words, and the terms correctly.

Easy and simple methods for creating grammar and reasonable Japanese sentences

Basic greetings and everyday expression Japan

Here is what little satisfied student I have to say Nihongo's Japanese lesson ...

"Dear Takanori Tomita,

First of all I would like to thank you for the learn to learn Japanese and second, to check it I do.

No so far it has caused any problems the website or downloads work. Everything's cool.

I very slow students, but I enjoy it every moment this.

I there is a friend in the workplace who is learn Japanese from books and CDs. We started learning at the same time.

So there is someone I want to study with. We teach each other things we've learned and we're both moving forward, we'll be able to conversations with each other and help each of them.

He he said he could join this website in the future as it is show, give and teach more like the books he has paid for so much money.

Thank you once again "Leanne x

"I I'm so happy so far.

Just me He returned from Japan for 2 months and plans to return.

Having this is in writing and sound the lessons are very useful.

And you speak clearly and slowly to get a better understanding. Kasia Wilk

"Dear Takanori,

The Japanese the lessons are great.

This is a it is much easier to learn on their own product as originally purchased. The speech section which will help me best.

Ohayou Gozaimasu Takanara-san I went through the nigongo stuff you gave me. I found it was useful. If I had to give you 10 to your audio service, I would give it 10 out of 10.

Simply because it is visually made and although I never thought of it it would help to really and the fact that the pace is the teacher it's slow moving so it does not missing one thing. I hope this was useful for what you needed for the review ability assessment. Soner-san

I I just wanted to say: Arigatou Gozaimasu !!!!!

You are the Japanese BEST teacher Amim was ever there.

I do not know what it is, but really get it me. I understand as I knew all my life! So thank you.

intend Japan one day and Japan thanks to you, I will be able to speak people.

One wonderful teacher.

Thank you again.

Dear Takanori sensei,

I will please write a comment the NIHONGO Japanese lessons.

"I I'm very happy with NIHONGO Japanese lessons, light to follow and have fun.

Having the three Japanese teachings people mean that pronunciation the words are authentic while very practical talking skills taught to practice about your Japanese friends. "

- Kelwin Wong

Get NIHONGO Japanese Lessons Immediately .. There is no loser or waiting for mail. (Standard Library is Also Available)

A The NIHONGO Japanese lesson is immediately available download (PC or Mac),

However, There are many benefits to your order the download package ..

Me 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I personally guarantees the NIHONGO Japanese lesson the absolute best value for the language course on the Internet!

How I'm sure? I checked and searched many Japanese websites and products and I'm sure NIHONGO's Japanese lesson the most affordable for the features.

So, will I raise my money where I have my mouth?

Of course! I'm 100% sure that this is the best self-study to study there in Japanese. So if you do not find NIHONGO for any reason The Japanese lesson meets your expectations, simply send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to release it You get a 100% refund! No problem, no problem.

how much is the Nihongo Japanese lesson?

Think of a Japanese language school to learn the same thing and take a private person lessons per month.

Imagine if no Japanese instructor was needed at all, how much would you save it?

But with the Nihongo Japanese lesson, you get the same thing quality course in expensive schools. PLUS listen to and learn about your comfort.

Here is a limited time special offer for you!

Click on the "Order now button" button to download the NIHONGO Japanese lesson here!

(Order now through a secure server and get instant access!)

Wait, here is another special offer for you! There are 2 special bonuses!

Special Free Bonus I will act immediately special e-books!

Bonus 1: "Japanese Kanji Dictionary: 30 Kanji symbols that are based on on SAMURAI road ": 30 Different Japanese Kanji symbol plans are included in this book. You can use them as a tattoo, a logo, a hanging or jewel design.

Well, he's there it. With this 2 bonus and Nihongo Japanese Lesson, you learn to speak Japanese really well communication!

Together they are Three free bonuses are worth more than three the investment in NIHONGO Japanese lesson.

Click on the "Order now button" button to download the NIHONGO Japanese lesson here!

(Order now through a secure server and get instant access!)

P.S: Remember, in just a few moments you can do everything you have to start in Japanese as a diploma. The download version is unbelievable value. You just can not learn better they learn Japanese quickly ... and a wonderful one bargain!

Only Imagine being able to communicate on the go in Japan in just a few minutes.

Native Japanese teachers have developed all the lessons Guarantees to learn the Japanese that native Japanese actually speak - NOT the over-formal-japan taught textbooks and other Japanese courses.

And all the recordings on the speakers the natives of the Japanese. They they also have a university degree. So you can be sure that you too develop with a real Japanese accent it sounds like a college graduate native.

And learn the real conversation Japan for real communication. You're good at Japanese that people are almost wrong a native!

Plus the course is 100% no problem, All you have to do is get a refund saying "I am request a refund. "

P.P.S Remember, You will know 30 days or less to speak in Japanese real communication.

This The simplest part of learning is the shortcuts Japanese ... you learn Japanese can be used immediately on various topics communicate in most situations.

Nihongo The Japanese lesson is the abbreviation that is needed for learning Japan is easier than you think.

Takanori Tomita Nihongo Japanese Lesson

Click on the "Order now button" button to download the NIHONGO Japanese lesson here!

(Order now via secure server and get instant access!)

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 Download Japanese videos for audio lessons and textbooks

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 Download Japanese videos for audio lessons and textbooks

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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