It's important for a couple to know the role of sex in marriage. Sex has a good and bad side. If used in the right context, you can contribute to the success of marriage, but if you are misused, you can marry and start a chain of events that can destroy you.

What Is Sex

Sex is often used for sexual intercourse or sexual union, which is both a physical and an emotional experience that combines sexuality and emotions with two persons according to their physiological and psychological needs. Sexual urge is a normal biological instinct.

Why is sex?

Sexual act has been created by God in a couple of legitimate married marriages to reveal their love for each other, and the source of happiness and fulfillment is the source of husband and wife. His primary purpose was to have the biological function of continuing the human race. That's why they were created for reproduction. Happiness is, however, a by-product of reproduction and has become increasingly important to many people.

Sexual act is the language of intimacy, reciprocity, and friendship, but many enjoy a happy sex without being in love with each other. Sexual act alone is not complete intercourse. This is a deeper expression or symbol. Though it is a personal union, it is one way of expressing love, but not exclusively.

Sex is good, and this is a desirable event between husband and wife as long as it is used in marriage as a completely personal human relationship that God intended. It plays an important role in the life of marriage and marriage, and failure can damage marriage and can save one's other opportunities and abilities.

The Need for Knowledge

For a couple to be able to achieve the goal of creating sex, a fair vision is needed for sexual intercourse. Vague knowledge can cause confusion and ignorance may reduce the pleasures of sexual act. Arousal, intrusion, and basic sexual knowledge for the code is important and provides confidence. Sex is a learning process that goes beyond the penetration of the vagina, sperm sliding and ejaculation, which many people believe.

Sexuality, sexual stimulation, excitement, response, and orgasm on psychological and emotional sites

Sex drive

Sexual drive or libido per person is different. Therefore, knowledge of the sex drive of partners makes it possible to regulate their sexual desires to achieve sexual and matrimonial harmony.

Usually, men are sexually active and aggressive in all ages like women. Men are stronger in their sex affiliation, because both sympathy and orgasm are linked to each other. Rarely a man does not reach orgasm during intercourse.

Women generally have weaker or lower sexual drive and orgasm is not only achieved through sexual intercourse, but by kissing and stimulating the foal. If the husband does not know this, she usually does not get orgasm. That's why good sex relies on skills and willingness to experiment.


This is through a prize game through which couples are getting ready for sexual act. To stimulate erogenous zones, glaze and clitoris are the most sensitive.

A relaxed mood enhances wakefulness, while situations such as tiredness, confusion or sadness, especially the woman's awakeness, are impossible. Negative feelings, such as shame, fear and disgust, may inhibit sexual behavior in women. If the partner does not bend, the other does not necessarily awaken.

Man can easily get up until he is raised slowly and does not resurrect without a proper foreplay. For a woman, sex serves to express love and commitment, as well as emotional and sentimental attachment. For men, sex is a mechanical and physical process to relieve sexual tension and to sex without sex, as opposed to a woman.

One has to take into consideration his wife's joy and concern about the tools he can best enjoy. You should be able to adjust your own sexual urgency for better sexual harmony. The woman should be happy to accept her career, not with her duty or mere acceptance, but with a great deal of excitement that will make her husband feel like a loving sexual partner. Man should be gentle, gentle and gentle.

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