The dog show is indeed an artistic form. It takes time to develop knowledge and skills to increase or change the behavior of dogs

As a person whose eyesight in the dog breeding world has been nearly 18 years old, I think the best training services are for each dog owner. The work of a leader, partner, and protector means making the best possible decision. Reduce your choices when choosing who helps. Make a short list. You can handle them as if you were directing the director for the new big budget picture. This is so important.

Let's start by asking a question about the method. Many coaches promote a certain type of training and have never met a dog flyer that does not like hearing the voice of their own, so talk and listen very carefully. After telling you how to teach your dog by telephone, ask a method that can oppose your preference. For example, if you believe in a food reward or so-called "touch-free" dog training, you can ask for opinions on chokes or tweezers. Or, if they say they do not use food as a reward, can they ask about the clickers?

After their opinion, he asked, "Why"? If the response received is glorified "because" in ethics or feelings, you will definitely deal with an amateur. The skilled person can formulate both positive and negative aspects by any method or approach. The specialist can also carefully consider the do and don & # 39; ts based on unique factors present in each case. Someone who is very polar in their views has a very limited frame of reference. This lack of experience may be difficult to handle along the way. Training your dog is finding balance. Find the balance in people's responses when making a decision and probably get your dog in the end. Stay open. Even if you do not fully understand the content, you will probably be ok.

In my opinion dog training is worth paying for money consists of 3 things; Realism, Relevance, and Pace

Here are some key aspects to consider when looking for a dog training professional:

1. Call it all and take care of "dog gods"

Never settle for the first person you are talking to. Those who actually answer the phone or return within a short time need to be sealed. This often means they take their services seriously. Is this part-time or is this person's full-time job? It's a big question, please. Repeat calls if necessary. After it was time to mention a cross-section of those sentences, all professionals who sell their salts welcome the opportunity to clarify. If they look too defensive about a particular view before they meet you and your dog, then move on.

Watch out for dog gods. Never attract those who promise to give you the world. These people are called "dog gods" because if someone tells you they do everything while their vacation in southern france, they are conveniently sold. Dogs are not cars that go to the store on Monday and work again a few days later. Most of these gurus can prove the results, but how long will this result be if the dog re-integrates into a unique lifestyle? If someone is making video footage for you, please note that this is nothing more than an insurance against a complaint that the dog no longer does what he promised. Let's roll the ribbon …

Focus on services that emphasize the importance of the owner in the process. The commitment of the real coach (you) is always the first thing that matters.

2nd Home Visits and Group Exercises

Many people are struggling for home help because they have heard that their dog needs to be socialized with other dogs. Understand that socialization is an important part of a dog's life, but be aware of what the term is. Socialization is not a random game with other dogs. It does not just happen naturally, without risking it. After all, this is the animal kingdom, and if they remain for their own benefit, dogs can sometimes be quite stricter. (Almost ruthless as humans)

Socialized dog owners deliberately refer to having more to do with adopting acceptable behaviors of human norms than dogs. "

Different Concentrations Depending on the settings, socialization values ​​can be in group sessions, but you have to learn how to apply it in the real world. If the amount of learning and support is in a training arena, who will be there to help you when you visit the first

Common dog owners observed that the dog seemed to perform very well in the clustering environment, but retreated after going home. The world where your dog lives is an ideal place to learn because the delicacies and the unpredictable events of life will show themselves as you have a professional hand, you as a dog trainer, you can master things, there is no need for conversion, group work is limited because they are located on the business side of the dog show. When you talk to the group owner, ask yourself how much personal attention you get. You can combine it with other aspects, such as journey times, duration of each session, options for missed lessons, support between visits, and how many other dogs share teaching time

. Home Visits

A single 2 or 4 hour home visit is only really beneficial on the business side of the dog training business, not the owner or dog. In fact, these practices contradict most aspects of adult learning in raising awareness and preserving information (not to mention the size of the dog's attention). Find a service that focuses on the time you need. Keep in mind that you learned how the dog learns. Make sure the schedule of appointments is based on a number of factors, the most important of which is personal development. If a weekly timeline is there any way to delay sessions for any reason? Also, ask what support you will receive in your sessions. If you have questions about how long it takes to get the answer, or are there any other tools you can ask questions about?

During the domestic visits, the group's biggest attraction is the perception that they spend less. Be careful, without thinking about efficiency, most of the costumes that offer group engagement will structure the courses so you can enroll in multiple levels. Starting with the puppy and passing through the 1,2,3,4 levels you could spend as many or even more programs as you want to give you what you need. In general, you pay less with group lessons. 5. Lifetime Warranties

Any warranty that promises unlimited return is a great demand that needs to be carefully considered without any additional costs. Small print usually warns you that you should follow the trainer's instructions or make an honest effort to get the trainer back without payment. Does the teacher decide whether you followed the instructions or yours? You may feel he has followed the instructions, but what if the trainer is not – is there no unlimited visit? You can make sure that this is a legitimate request, requesting references to support unlimited visits. In addition, it allows you to assess how many "unlimited" actually turned out to be these people. Do not pay close attention to written recommendations on websites or other marketing materials. I would encourage people to focus more on what the services actually involve, and they are less concerned about what they promise to leave the way. Franchise Dog Training

Be sure to inquire about the individual level of experience of each dog training course, especially the owners of the franchise dog training business. A franchise company has a 23-day "intensive" program that provides its franchise information. This means that your average florist can leave marketing as a good florist and 23 days later you can claim to be a competent dog training consultant. The parent company often sells the experience of a company as a whole, but it will be difficult to find the individual experience level of individual franchise owners.

He was looking for a lot of success for a dog training professional and every dog ​​training.

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