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David Dellanave featured on

My name is David Dellanave and just a few years ago I was a very average uplifter. My dead numbers stuck and did not look like they were going to be at all.

And it's not like I did not try - in fact TRYING was all I did! I've been trying every single deadlift program under the sun, following the instructions of religion, only with the hope that it's a bit stronger, a little bigger, a bit better. I tried…

But regardless of what I was trying to do, I was always injured and in the same place as before. I always thought that I was making some progress, but then I would "belly" finally, and my progress stopped.

For a long time, I've been doing this on the roller coaster before I've been a little stumble, it was a secret that my backbone and my muscles got up ...

This secret allowed me to take 245 pounds to 605 pounds (and if the secret that I'm talking about is NOT a steroid, of course, is natural and is verified by a blood test.)

I offered a steroid test when Jefferson Deadlift World Record I set.

And besides that, when my backbone rose, I started collecting the pounds and the kilograms for all the weakest parts of my body.

My arms, shoulders, and my back exploded virtually from day to day. I took a slim 168 pounds for a pound 205 pounds and a 10 percent body fat at a glance.

Since then, in four variants I have achieved a triple weight gain and thousands of pounds have been picked up in the partial range. I can die with one hand or one foot 365 pounds. I pulled twenty pounds a minute for 50 reps. My training days have more than 30 changes and sometimes spend five days for five days. I've never been beaten in the race.

I shared the mysteries of the dead world with such great publications as T-Nation and Men's Health that help guys across the globe to increase their importance. their framework

And these wonderful results are not just a one-off thing. These shock fixes are able to replicate every male and female with my client.

You see, in addition to my own lift, I'm driving two dorms in Minneapolis, Minnesota

And since I discovered these deadlock secrets, in just a couple of weeks they were able to upset the death of "everyday" men and women.

These men and women are not genetically talented or even athletes. Most of them are between the ages of 20 and 60 and work on normal jobs as they rise up to me a few times a week.

People are still packing more muscle in the heaviest areas to be bigger: Bigger shoulders, bigger backs and big arms begin to look pretty much overnight. And for the ladies, they can not believe how much better their weapons, their feet, and their snaps are using parallels with the darting secrets. 19659002] Look at some of the massive improvements that I've helped like lifts:

I spent a lot of time looking for double weight reduction, but when I finally got it, I got something wrong - nasty flabby injury. This injury was hampered not only by the backwaters but also by many other practices. As you can imagine, it was quite frustrating and I gave up for a long time. I just raised it until I raised David. After introducing the Biofeedback test, David suggested that the traditional change to Summa, and although I was doubtful, I finally agreed. She set my point and gave me some pointer before sending me to fill the bar. The result? A 10 important deadlift PR in one day after he did not take his death for about 6 months. Since then I've spent more than 35 kg without my injury, all thanks to Dave and the wisdom of the dead!

A few years ago, after purchasing and following a 90-day workout session, significant shoulder pain remained, which made it difficult for me to lift one of my arms over my head. Being a surgeon, I could not continue this practice or practice that caused significant injury. I learned the biofeedback techniques and followed David Dellanave's instructions and instructions and began to shake it off. When I first died in my life in October 2010 when I was almost 41 years old. I lost 135 pounds and was not beautiful. I still enjoyed David's guidance and about four years later, at the age of 44, 475 hitting. More importantly, I did not suffer any injury. My goal is to exceed 500 pounds, and with David's program I'm sure I will achieve this goal without harm.

David Dellanave is a world class guy and coach who personally took me under his wing and helped me great. I do not think I felt pain once, I'm looking forward to training and I noticed a huge difference in my feeling. The delay in just two months increased from 280 pounds to 430 pounds (185 pounds). With some full draws I went to 18 strenuous draw. I knew it was pure clean and I went from 135 to 205.

I've been to Dave for nearly two years at CrossFit, which led to three injuries and a load of more than 6 months for £ 285. My only purpose was when I first met Dave: the load was 300 pounds. The next two months I was walking in the gym and Dave told me to do something I thought impossible. Of course, just as my death was 285 pounds above the double weight, 325 pounds.

My frustration, stuck, damaged, and not developed, literally changed overnight cold Saturday in the middle of a Minnesota winter. Under conditions like a spy movie, they presented something I would never have thought if I did not feel myself. It was a moment like something in the Matrix. Like Neo, I got two choices. Or I could take the step and see how deep the rabbit hole is, or wake up in my bed to believe what I want to believe. Lucky for you and me, I took the red pills and my training changed forever.

Invited to an exclusive underground seminar where experimental techniques were discussed. These shady figures lived at the beginning of the science of education. During this seminar, they showed me that there is a way to determine exactly what kind of training stimuli the body needs at a given time.

Imagine that you undoubtedly explain the exact weight, the exact repetition, and the exact sets you need to use for optimum development. In addition, this technique can also help in the preparation of injuries and the progress of development. (It actually helps to avoid injuries or to solve existing injuries.)

I know this is impossible. Too good to be true; yet it is like magic - but it is not magic, but science

The technique I learned at the underground seminar is related to a lesser-known concept called Biofeedback training.

biofeedback training:

"Biofeedback is the process of increased awareness of more physiological functions, primarily by using tools that provide information about the operation of the same systems, with the goal of manipulating them with wills." [19659002] The basic definition of Biofeedback training is a method that collects information from the body and then uses this information to teach the body how to perform it more efficiently.

At that time Biofeedback training sounded theoretically great, but I was still skeptical. I would not have thought of myself if I did not make myself and try.

I've seen the results myself - and then again and again - with customers and others who have applied the principles. By using the Biofeedback Training Principles, I learned that in the first year I could add almost 200 pounds for my dead. Next year, it was almost as impressive that another £ 150 was taken to a 605 pound length of 185 pounds.

Not only did I help regular boys. Even the most respected authors like John Romaniello and seasoned fitness specialists such as Bret Contreras are calling when they want dead advice.

In the fitness industry within the highest level circles my name is roughly the same as the dead. I'm sure my reputation is partly based on impressive results for me and my client; but the real reason I was so much appreciated was that I made myself a disciple of a dead person. From the 1800's onwards, I studied classical powerlifters and robots, and during this I discovered my long forgotten secrets. In fact, in recent years, I've been able to recall changes in old school gear and bring them back to mainstream - helping people get stronger and pack them into muscle than ever before.

I have a chance to do a New York excursion to the Roman Fitness System with John "Roman" Romaniello. And while we were excited to train, the session started slowly ...

Now John has no fitness. He is a best-selling author, veteran of the fitness industry for more than a decade, and is currently one of the biggest names in fitness. But, like anybody else, human. Even fitness professionals have found a route - something that happened with John. He did not only reach the strong plateau, but also felt extremely painful on the back. As a result, he basically gave up the backbone branches!

Because he was my friend, I really wanted to help. Although I usually keep the secret sauce recipe next to the waistcoat, I suggested trying a Biofeedback training. When I explained to him, he probably thought I was crazy ... but he was desperate and willing to try it. I made it through the process, first examined the range of motion, then made the settings and tested it again.

In just 10 minutes we figured out exactly what kind of job you should use for the backbone and the exact rep rank you have to train. A long story short, during our session, John had an incredible first experience of Biofeedback training. Not only was it able to pull more weight than usual, it was the first time it was able to be painless in almost 8 months!

In his words, "All, it's bleak."

The funny thing is that during our work, John was angry with me. Finally, he was weakened.

John was not angry about dead PR, he was crazy about not telling him about Biofeedback training.

You know, I've been silent in this information and these techniques in recent years. While silently using this information, I put hundreds of clients in my gym at The Movement Minneapolis, for a long time I did not share this information - even with my close friends. John could not believe he had gathered all the information about the backbone - much less about the Biofeedback Training concept. He warned me and told me that by the end of the summer I would have to write a book because "this is a book that needs to be written".

After a few months I started to create the book John insisted on writing. Finally, I wrote dozens of pages about the backwash, including any variations you need to know about setting up your backbone and putting on massive thick muscle fibers.

I collected this information and organized it into a comprehensive program that I'm happy to receive. This program is off the floor: a handbook for mortality dominance.

Here are some of the secrets revealed in the program:

When I was done, there was so much information that covered so many topics that I knew needed help to make it more complex. In other words, I needed an editor - badly. Fortunately for me, I marry Ms. Jen Sinkler, one of the world's most important fitness trainers. During the reading, he noted: "You fifty-freak wrote three separate, 12-point documents on the backbone. You're crazy." "Crazy" may be too strong, but this is not necessarily the worst thing I've been called. So I bought it as a compliment. The fact is, I just love the dead and I put everything into the program. Jen was kind enough to edit me and the final product is a strictly edited, beautifully photographed manual that is packed with high-level information - a handbook that can be downloaded instantly.

And to be honest, I loved this knowledge.

If you take The Floor today, you'll get amazing amounts of information for an incredibly low price. But it does not just get the manual. There is a little more in the package. In the 9 component system, you will also receive the following:

One thing I would like to point out is that the new release is the first edition of Off The Floor in 2013: This book is now 3 completely new 8-12 week programs with a total of four complete programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced hoists, the original Off The Floor program, which puts ten thousand pounds in the elevator lifter in 2014. True, you get four complete programs in one.

This is less than a personal training cost in a nudge commercial gym where there is a regular trainer who does not have access to information or experience and knows nothing about the brake pad or Biofeedback training

If you do not want to become stronger and you do not want to be impressive to be dead and you do not want to pack it on the muscle, then do not buy it downstairs. But if these things are not right at all, you can not afford not to make a small investment.

Look, I guarantee the results, because I think it's my duty to keep my promise. If I tell you that you want to make a huge improvement in your dead end, it will be better. Test this program and if you are not satisfied with the first 60 days (two months!) You will receive a full refund and keep the information.

This generous guarantee is offered because I believe 100% in this manual and I know that you will see wonderful results.

If you want to build solid shoulders, traps, and arms while adding 30, 50 or even 100 pounds to the backbone, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below and get immediate access to the Off The Floor manual, the other 5 pieces of the system.

NOTE: Off A Floor is a fully downloadable digital book series, videos, and sound files. After ordering, get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the product components to your PC so no waiting or shipping costs! All written formats are PDFs that can be viewed on a Mac or PC, videos can be viewed online with any modern browser and all audio content can be downloaded to any digital audio player.

P.P.S. Now, in two months, are you stuck in the same circle you came in, or are you going to be four more round the bar at your dead meeting? Even worse, I would not raise it at all because it followed the usual scanning advice. This is your chance to change.

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 Off The Floor: Handwriting Handbook

at discounted price while it's still available...

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 Off The Floor: Handwriting Handbook

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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