The Utah State Agency, which monitors the collection and reporting of state income tax deducted from payroll taxes:

State Tax Commission

withholding tax

210 North 1950 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84134

(801) 297-2200

(800) 662-4335 (state)

Utah allows you to use federal W4 format to calculate State income tax deductions.

Not All States Allow Exhibit No 125 k) be treated in the same way as the IRS code. The Utah coffee plans are not taxable for the calculation of income tax; for non-taxable unemployment insurance purposes. 401 (k) design deferrals are not subject to tax on income taxes;

In Utah, supplementary wages must be included in state income tax deduction calculations

Utah State W-2 must be filed on magnetic media on federal W-2s magnetic media

Utah State Unemployment Insurance Agency:

Department of Labor Services

140 E. 300 South

po. Box 45288

Salt Lake City, UT 84145

(801) 536-7400


The Utah State's taxable wage levels for unemployment are up to $ 22,700,000.

Utah requires a magnetic media study of quarterly pay reports if the employer has at least 250 employees

Records of unemployment in Utah must be kept for at least three years. This information usually includes: name; social security number; the dates of the lease, lease and termination; wages per period; payroll and payment deadlines; Date and Conditions of Termination

State Utah State Agency for the Execution of State Payments and Hours Laws:

Committee on Labor

Anti-Discrimination and Labor Division

po. Box 146630

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6630

(801) 530-6801


In Utah, the minimum wage is $ 5.15 per hour.

There is no general provision in the Utah State Law that covers overtime payments for a non-FLSA-covered employer

that every employer has to report any new lease and re-sell it. The employer must declare the allied elements of the following:

  • Employee name
  • Employee address
  • Employee address
  • Employee address
  • Employee address
  • Employer address
  • Employer's employer identification number (EIN)

This information must be reported within 20 days of rental or re-delivery.

Information can be sent to W4 or equivalent via mail, fax, or magmedia.

There is a $ 25.00 penalty for the late report and $ 500 for the Utah conspiracy.

Utah's New Rental Information Service is available on 801-526-4361 or on the Internet at http: //

Utah does not allow compulsory direct deposit, except for large employers who have 2/3 employees who are in direct custody.

Utah provides the following information about the employee's paycheck:

  • itemized deductions
  • Utah requires that a worker be paid less than half a year; every month if the annual lease employee

    Utah provides that the period between the end of the payment period and the payment of the salary between the employee may not exceed ten days; monthly salary for the following month [7].

    The Utah Payroll Act requires that employees who are involuntarily surrendered must pay a 24-hour insolvency, and voluntarily dismissed employees must pay their final salary after the next regular payday. 19659005] Deceased employee wages are usually payable if the offspring does not exceed $ 25,000 after retirement, at least 30 days after his death, his executing request is not in progress and the payment entitlement.

    Utah's Escheat Laws stipulate that wages must be paid to the state for one year.

    The employer must also be kept in Utah for the record of abandoned wages and the state's transfer over a five-year period.

    Utah Payroll Act no more than $ 3.02 can be used as a top-rate loan.

    In Utah, the payroll bill covering breaks or meal breaks only means that every employee must have a 30-minute meal time after 5 hours; 10 minutes rest every 4 hours.

    The Utah Law requires that wage and hour records be kept for at least three years. These records usually contain at least the information required by FLSA.

    The Utah agency commissioned to enforce child support regulations and laws is as follows:

    Office of Recovery Services

    Department of Human Services

    515 E. 100 S.

    po. Box 45011

    Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0011

    (801) 536-8500

    Utah maintains the following provisions for child support:

    • When should the retraction begin? First payment period within 5 business days of service
    • When should I pay? Within 7 Days of Payday
    • When should I receive the notice of termination? Within 5 days of the date of termination
    • Maximum Administrative Fee? One-time $ 25 Prize
    • retention limits? CCPA federal rules

    Please note that this article does not update to any changes that may occur from time to time.

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