View late night TV commercials right through the lawyer training required for land planning. Every channel appears to have commercially prepared or "conserved" legal documents that "can save the cost of raising a high-priced attorney": "It saves thousands of dollars simply by filling out (type the type of document: wills, trust, power of attorney, )! " "Easy to use!" "Do not pay a premium for things you can do at home!" People always smile, and "customers" who require forms are "step by step" instructions and have been so easy to use.

To think that the design, creation and implementation of the most important documents can be so simple in every individual's life!

If that's the case, then this is a classic case: "If it seems too good to be true, it's usually the case." American capitalism is a wonderful thing – and as a small businessman, of course I appreciate the freedom for Americans to live in – but it's not so wonderful to damage a consumer who has hard-earned money spending on computer programs that will not finish the job.

Many of my clients came to me with prepared documents that were wholly void, did not do what they should have done or did a lot of legal work after them to fix the clutter they received. Some had the wills, others were confident, some were corporate papers, and others were contracts. Customers always pay more – sometimes more than me – to clean up the clutter.

Attorneys do not spend four years at college and for three more years at law school to be able to load canned forms from an online site or from the office store. Most legal documents – especially those that people need for their everyday life – require precise and formalities to be legally valid. And they must follow carefully the laws of the state where they will be used. Ties must contain a very specific language and must be carried out with extreme precision in order to be recognized by the courts. One mistake and one will be invalid. This is important because you can not do a will again after you have passed. And this is not for his heirs.

The same applies to acts that must also be enforced or not valid. Imagine thinking about it – or even worse – a property, just to find out that the document is not worth the paper you wrote it for? Contracts are another type of document that people feel is capable of writing themselves or using "conserved" documents without being aware of the requirements of a particular area of ​​law or the law of the state. I can not tell how many times my old red-faced affair with a red-faced client has resulted in lengthy and expensive disputes.

Is it really worth saving anywhere between $ 750 and $ 1,500, depending on the type of document that is legal documents that may not be valid? Although it may be tempting to use the prepared legal documents to save a bit, their use of a classic case is "penny wise and the dollar is stupid." I always say to my clients: "Now pay me or pay me later, if you pay me, you will pay less than if you have to pay later to clean the mess."

Only a member of the Bar in your state has the authority and expertise to prepare these vital documents for you. Look for the right advice and be ready to pay a reasonable price for expert advice and opinions to avoid costly problems later on.

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