IT companies rent Non-immigrants from different countries with a work visa such as H1B / L1 Visa. Start-ups do not have too many non-immigrant employees and do not have time and money to have EMPLOYEE an Immigration Coordinator NEWS. Therefore, it is cost-effective for Independent Executors to Harmonize Their Immigration Process with the Law Firm

After working in a law firm and an information technology company immigration department, I am of the opinion that Immigration Coordinators

Here are the ten things you need to look for, if they are independent consultants to coordinate immigration functions with the law firm

  1. You need to establish a relationship between the employee / employer and the law firm
  2. Explain clearly the ROLE / employer / lawyer verbally and in a lawyer's office in writing
  3. Be willing to read about USCIS news agencies, law firms, and listen to conference calls to keep up with the changes
  4. Many non-immigrant technical experts and do not know the Immigration Process. The Immigration Coordinator should be ready to pay attention to and acquaint yourself with all the questions of the lawyer / employer and submit it to the lawyer.
  5. Keep in touch with a lawyer and understand your needs
  6. Respect the time of the employee / employer / lawyer and arrange the conference call to address all the questions of the employer / employee.
  7. Carefully monitor your employer / employee and ensure that the appropriate documents are sent at TIME.
  8. and assist them in quick payments to employees / employers.
  9. Last but not least, understand that we are all people, and in times of uncertainty we pass through emotional roller coaster. The immigration coordinator should be able to empathize with the position of the employer / employee and be willing to share success stories that increase their trust. At the same time, the Immigration Coordinator must be ready to evaluate the challenges and teamwork of paralegals / lawyers.

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