Five Breakdowns of the Most Common Types of Harassment

Harassment refers to a form of discrimination that involves undesirable verbal or physical behaviors that have violated, humiliated, or intimidated a person. In most cases, harassment is a behavior that persists for a certain time, but sometimes can be a serious one-off incident. The causes and forms of harassment are comprehensive and complicated. Most people face a lot of harassment every day but refuse to speak or resist this behavior. It is important for every person to be aware of their environment and to imagine the various harassment they may face. Here are the most common harassment people face on a daily basis.

Sexual Harassment

This type of harassment refers to any unpleasant sexual advances, sexual joke, sex appeal to return to work promotion or a positive scientific assessment. This can be a physical, oral or written outlook that can be called inappropriate or raw. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, but most often in the workplace and in schools. This involves violating a person's personal space and causing a serious mental trauma to the victim.

Harassment Harassment

If a person or group is discriminated against by their color, race, ethnicity, ethnic or regional origin, this is a racial harassment. At the same time, this may also involve judgments based on individual garments, with different pronunciation and practice with certain religions. The victim of racial discrimination usually comes from a group and is in the background. This type of behavior often occurs at workplace, school, or place of residence

Harassment at Work

Harassment at work is associated with unemployment, threats, or offensive behavior by a particular worker or group of workers. This involves attempts to undermine the value of the employee with the intent of causing confusion and humiliating things. Harassment at work can be of two kinds; one of them is called "quid pro quo" (that is, given) harassment, which refers to unwanted sexual advances or sexual preferences, especially to supervisors who make official decisions. The second is called hostile workplace harassment, which refers to aggressive or unwanted behavior of employees, supervisors, entrepreneurs, or anyone with whom work is related. This kind of harassment refers to the police's unfair treatment and aggressive behavior, including, but not limited to, excessive discrimination. Police Harassment

violence, fake arrests, profiling, unreasonable police shooting and coercion. Illegal acts committed by police officers lead to the dissolution and hindering of the judiciary. The task of the police is to protect the citizens and to maintain the law, but when the mandate is to be used it can prove disastrous. The victim of police harassment may suffer a serious physical and psychological trauma and lose its faith in its legal system.

Online Harassment

Managing humiliating comments about online platforms such as chat rooms, social media centers, and hateful letters is commonly referred to as online harassment by an individual or group. Actions such as theft of photos of an individual, manipulating fraudulently and publishing in social media are also part of this category of harassment. Such kinds of acts endanger the reputation of many people, and so they suffer in a spiritual breakdown. Cyberstalking and harassment have also become a cause for concern over recent years, and many internet users experience Internet.

Any harassment can seriously affect the lives of the victims. Therefore, it is time to prepare ourselves and fight such behavior. Everyone's responsibility is to look at themselves and the people around them.

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