California's General Trust Act can be found in the Probate Code §§ 15000-19403. There is no separate land law in California, as opposed to Illinois land ownership law (765 ILCS 405/410/415/420), the Massachusetts Business Trust (MBT) Act (MGLc182, §2), and Virginia Land Law (Va

California Trusted Land Trusts are based on the general trust of the California Probate Code mentioned above, but a foreign state's trust can emerge, holding a title owned by a California property agent to take advantage of the more advantageous status and case law of another state.In fact, Virginia's Supreme Court Air Force, Inc. v Thompson, 244 Va 534, 422 SE 2 786 (1992), affirmed that Va. Code Sec. 55-17.1 According to the agent of the land trusts the legitimate and equitable power of the property, which protects the privacy of the beneficiaries

Indeed, as there is no separate land law in California I have no legal precedent, in this situation only California's general trust law and case law. However, the general trust law may have some advantages in a specific statutory statute and may require more requirements. Indeed, the Illinois Land Trust Statute (75 ILCS 435) requires that the holders of control forces bind the trust commitments to the beneficial owners. The California General Trust Act has no similar requirement.

In any case, all the features of avoiding immovable property on immovable property on real estate make it difficult for all the difficulties of creation. California General Trust Law:

A. Creating Confidence:

California Probate § 15000 states that "(t) separation (section 9 of the trial code) becomes known and may rely on the trust law." And § 15001 (a) stipulates that "(e) the law does not provide otherwise: This sharing applies to any trust, regardless of whether it was created earlier on or after 1 July 1987."

can create confidence by: "(b) (a) transferring the owner's life to the other's agent in the life of the owner", according to California Probate Code 15200 (b). And "trust is created only if there is trusted property", according to Section 15202 of

"Trust can be created for any purpose that is not illegal or public." Terrestrial trust is not for illegal purposes, nor is it contrary to California's public policy, although it is not widely used in this state.

And "trust, except for charity, is created only if there is a beneficiary", according to section 15205 of

B. Ownership of Property and Property:

In order not to violate the Law on Fraud, which provides that a written instrument can be enforced, pursuant to Article 15206, "trust in property relations, the following methods: b) "19659002 And, in accordance with § 15207 (a)," the existence and conditions of the oral trust of personal property are clear and compelling evidence only can be justified. "Section 1528 states that" there is no need for trust … "

Finally," trust created under this chapter (Part 1, Part 9, Proof Code Section 9) can be recorded in the county register office in the county where the property or part thereof is located ", in accordance with Article 15210 (1). Mechanics of Ground Faith:

A. Advantages and Benefits:

(1) Privacy:

One of the most common advantages of land trust is that ownership of a trust property may be registered by another trustee (private or institutional) with the county registrar but the land ownership agreement, / settlor / investor and the beneficiary's name are not recorded.

Thus, the creator / assignee of the earth's trust: who deals with real estate investment, can keep his name and the name of the beneficiaries from the county records and county book of valuations and to some extent hide the investment from the public.

But a beneficiary / beneficiary or a creditor condemned by a beneficiary may oblige the latter to respond to his or her written inquiries about the property or the oath on a sworn oath for oath to determine the assets and not rely solely on County Recorders and Valuers device searches.

The land insurance agreement can also use a name for ground trust that differs from its creator / payer. This is another asset protection benefit. And if the beneficiary is the same payer, then the latter can designate his or her trust or 100% owned limited company as the payee to hopefully avoid donating tax.

(2) Avoiding Proof:

In addition, as inheritance agents may be designated in the land lease agreement, successor beneficiaries may also be selected to avoid the disruption of trust assets when the trust ceases. (the terms of the agreement can be changed) or irrevocable (can not be changed), but the latter requires the submission of separate tax returns and is subject to a higher tax rate than the individual tax rate of the depositary / settlement, unless there is a simple trust in which all income is generated by the beneficiaries. As far as federal income tax consequences are concerned, the recipient or beneficiary is classified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax relief whose tax consequences are directly linked to investor 1040 and public return

(B). Disadvantages and Pitfalls:

(1) Separate Arrangement for Each Property:

Only one property may be included in the inventory in order to preserve the privacy of the investment or transaction privacy and land fraud. Thus, each property will have a different land insurance agreement. This can be cumbersome, although each agreement can specify the same payer / payer, agent, and payee.

(a) Simpler Alternatives:

Simpler alternatives are the purchase of investment or rental companies via a limited partnership (LP) or a limited company (LLC) or transfer such property to a more flexible life partnership that does not require separate tax returns , or delegates LLC's (non-proprietary) ownership interests to a living trust.

LLC may also create a property insurance by transferring its ownership to the trustee and calling it the beneficiary of proprietary data protection. Sometimes less; in fact, creditors will be able to understand and enjoy the use of judgments relating to means of protecting assets. And the transfer of property rights could result in taxation


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