Internet Addiction, Pornography and Divorce

As a lawyer for divorce, I see more and more cases where the dependence of online addiction, especially online pornography, plays a role in divorce, is a factor in detention decisions. a question in family marriages. In one case, the excessive use of the Internet by the parent and the neglect of their children played an important role in the possible arrest of their parents.

Online pornography was called a "silent family killer". Adultery is just a mouse click now. In 2004, Dr. Manning attended the United States Congress that 56% of divorces were involved in the obsessive Internet porn dependence of one of the spouses. In the survey of members of the American Marriage Law Academy, 60% of lawyers thought Internet pornography was linked to higher divorce rates. The American Psychiatric Association admitted that Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a legitimate health problem. IAD is also studied as a diagnostic and statistical manual of DSM-V mental disorders as a mental disorder.

Like other addictions, Internet addiction can poison the social, worker, and family relationships of the addicts. I heard spouses call themselves "cyber widows". Excessive time on the internet often results in the ignorance of family, friends, social activities and interests. Children are especially victims of online parenting. Children are injured if they are accidentally exposed to Internet pornography. Experts believe that the average age at first affects internet pornography at the age of nine. Children may feel left out of the internet's excessive Internet usage and neglect, and in the worst case, they may even be abusive if the parent becomes angry when they get disrupted. Extreme cases have been reported where internet addiction has led to the death of children. For example, a Florida mother killed her 3-month-old baby who repeatedly weeping and interrupting the game of Farmville. A Korean couple were forced to kill when they left their children while virtual baby was flourishing online.

The first thing a divorce lawyer has to do is suspect that a parent has been subjected to internet-related material, any kind of harmful or sexual, and how much time the parent spent on the internet. Is the parent taking security precautions to prevent the exposure of sexually-accessed substances on the Internet? Internet pages may need to be quoted to determine how much time your parents spend on a given site. A parent who plays the World of Warcraft game all day can hardly claim to provide proper supervision and care for their children. It may also be possible to search the parent computer. Court-appointed supervisors often ask to see the parents' computer during home visits. In a reported Connecticut case, the court ordered a couple to replace the password of Facebook and other dating sites as part of the discovery process.

But before you take care of your spouse's computer. Most states have strict privacy laws. Anyone who is going through divorce is advised to rely on their lawyer to reveal the burden of proof and not to take matters into their own hands. In a California case, the Appeals Tribunal found that an ex-husband sexually accompanied the ex-wife's email account to the bitter detention issue was a "bullying" and a detention order for domestic violence. In a Cincinnati case, the husband was forced to apologize to his wife on Facebook or in prison.

Another aspect of Internet addiction that may be surprised by the breakthroughs is how it affects property class. It is a news for me that online works such as avatars, weapons and imaginary worlds can be valuable marriages. A virtual space station on the planet Calypso allegedly sold for $ 330,000. The owner of "Second Life" computer game estimated $ 567 million in user transactions in 2009, and a Chinese woman, Ailin Graef, allegedly bought $ 1 million worth of virtual real estate. On the other hand, if your spouse is not a virtual tycoon and has been frustrated by online gambling thousands of dollars, you may be able to claim a refund for deliberately indulging your marriage money.

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