You are the landlord and there is a tenant at the end of the rope. Tired of the withdrawal of checks and late payments. You polite ask the tenant that you may not be happier elsewhere and politely tell you to lose. Or the tenant promises to leave at the end of the month and then not. You decided to get rid of it. What now?

If you're like most landlords, it starts with Yellow Pages or Google searches. Some ads attract their eyes, but their name does not sound like a law firm. These companies have catchy names such as "GetEmOut" or "QwikEvict," and promising low pricing, usually less than two hundred dollars. The price seems almost too loud to be true.

Before you decide to buy an eviction company, you need to understand the services it provides legally. Also, be sure to read the fine print costs for your ads. First, you must understand that eviction companies are not lawyers. If you allow them to exist (California, for example), everything you can legally do is fill out, document and serve the original documentation of eviction. The dismissal companies can not represent you in court. Therefore, if the tenant disputes the case and a trial is needed, it is jammed. Be sure to be represented at the hearing or hire a lawyer. Obviously, a lawyer is represented at the hearing.

Eviction companies can not provide legal advice. This restriction prevents the eviction company from answering its legal questions. However, a lawyer can give legal advice and answer all legal questions. In addition, evasion companies generally operate as large volumes of extruded mills. So if you pick one, you probably will not enjoy personal contact with the specialist. Instead, the case will be dealt with in a team of non-professionals who probably do not know who you are. Finally, there is no privilege of attorneys who will protect the communication between you and the eviction company. Thus, contrary to the lawyer's turn, communication with the eviction company is not protected and confidential.

With regard to costs, you need to make sure these companies address advertising with "low-cost eviction" because it's a myth. If you read the fine print, you will see that the low number in the ad always follows the words "extra costs". Eviction costs in cases such as notification fees, service process, and sheriff fees can reach $ 400.00 and $ 600.00. So do not be surprised when the "low-cost" eviction company asks for $ 650.00 to start the case, not the inevitable low number it uses in your ads.

"Evictions for $ 199.00" is misleading. The simple fact is that evictions can not be completed by the small amounts that the eviction companies put into advertising. In many jurisdictions in California again, the court registration fee alone is more than the dollar amount that evictions companies are blazing on their advertisements. Do not be fooled by this low number; does not include costs. The truth is that when you add the costs, the evasion-related company's all charges for eviction will work the same as the lawyer charges.

In states that allow evasion companies, they need to know that they do not have the experience of the eviction company and the minimum educational requirements. However, the attorney is a licensed member of a profession with an educational requirement and a qualification for entrance examination. The lawyer is governed by a governing body, ethical rules and professional responsibility by a state bar. Finally, what do you really know about a web advertisement company? To start an evacuation company, you need to do little as a paralegal course, hang a shingle, and buy commercials. Are you sure your investment property is one?

The bet is high on the issue of eviction. Do not forget that if your landlord and your dismissal become due and you lose, you will have to resume the entire eviction while the tenant can continue to live in the real estate property. Worse if you go to trial and lose, you will end up paying the tenant's costs and attorneys fees in addition to all the rent that you lose.

In summary, the lessor is better served by the attorney to handle his eviction rather than his eviction company. The price is roughly the same – the company responsible for eviction, depending on a hundred dollars – but the landlord gets the peace of mind in the knowledge that his case is handled by a competent, experienced, professional professional who is at trial and convicted. For about the same amount of money, the lawyer can provide far greater services than the limited range of services provided by the eviction company.

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