Are there any ideas like an online private investigator? A Dick Tracy to the Internet world? You can not see the smoke-filled, dark test room where laptops are scattered.

If Google is looking for things like an internet investigator, a computer detective or an online detective, there is a lot of information on private records but very little about live private detectives who are willing to track online offenders. In reality, this is a whole new industry that is starting to run.

If you simply try to find someone, say an old friend from high school, you have a bunch of online services that will help you out. As an example, NetDetective (which I'm not a member of) is probably one of the most popular sites. According to their site, NetDetective "allows you to reveal information about your doctor, bosses, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself."

Although this service is extremely useful for good applications, it does not offer a solution to the second type: I need to find, detain or prove that someone is doing something wrong for me, my company, or my loved ones. Now this is a horse with a different color.

Let me give you an example. We recently contacted a high profile person attacked by former partners and friends. The attacks were ruthless, including social media (facebook), anonymous blogs and blog posts, emails, and so on. In order to be concerned about physical security, even if it was not explicitly threatened

the Internet world is generally not aided by traditional lawyers and law enforcement. Lawyers are very good at debates and legal steps to prove that someone is attacking a client. But how will they do this if the online attacker is hiding by security layers and masked IP addresses. Most law firms do not have the resources to do so

If the threat is not serious enough, conventional law enforcement will probably not be able to help since this is not really part of its charter. ? For those who work in this particular feature, they have initiated numerous calls from both companies and individuals who have been attacked for their online reputation. They literally do not know where to turn. An individual really needs an online detective or an online detective to help them gather the information they need and then direct them to appropriate legal or law enforcement resources.

as you can see, there is a very big difference between online and online investigators such as NetDetective. Each has its own specificity and application.

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