Web 2.0 technologies provide an opportunity to improve the quality of education. However, the impact of copyright and control technologies may limit teachers and students to remain free to use different sources of information.

This is a great challenge for institutions to understand within intellectual property legislation. you are also questioning the path towards collective creation. A work of art may contain several works of copyright owned by different people. This rigorous law of the law is that many educational materials accidentally violate copyrights.

The law may be tough but still law. As long as it does not qualify as unconstitutional, it deserves to be respected and respected, regardless of how unfair the law is. When the courts form a law that is contrary to the Constitution, the former becomes invalid and the latter prevails.

Laws will be repealed only later and their violation or non-compliance should not be denied by abolition or habit or otherwise. A judge or a court can not refuse to judge the silence, obscurity or inadequacy of the law. In the event of doubt as to the interpretation or application of the legislation, the legislative body seeks the right and the justice system.

The term "law" in the widest sense means that all actions, norms, behaviors, or expressions are uniformity. In the most comprehensive sense, the law can be indivisibly applied to all components, whether animated or inanimate, rational or irrational, as well as immaterial processes.

Law is a group of organized societies. If such a element does not exist, there is only an illegal group. If a group of men are held together as factors as a society, in this sense it has a legal system that is crude or highly developed.

There are so many aspects of existing laws, customs, or court decisions that are the most important and outstanding factors. If a rule or act promotes the effectiveness of this factor, it is a legitimate or good rule; if it is different from the battery efficiency, it is an illegal act that needs to be changed.

The reason for the unconstitutionality of the law is to prove that a law is unconstitutional. The laws must be followed; otherwise it will be chaos, confusion. The law is like a nucleus that holds the atom together without destroying it

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