Misuse is a mishap, harm or injury that we intentionally, negligently or in situations that are strictly responsible. Tort does not, however, entail a contractual infringement in which a civil lawsuit can be initiated. We have recently seen supporters of the legal system operating in the country trying to link litigation with a number of things, such as leaving medical professionals out of business, and closing down public parks.

Most supporters agree that the current system of damages in the country imposes a huge burden on the economy. This issue becomes so serious that even President Bush is seeking to improve our economic growth, especially through job creation. Although the conduct of litigation is not going anywhere, and in some cases valuable, the current law forces liability insurance in many sectors to an outrageous level.

For example, due to the high costs of mitigation cases, wage decline, corporate profits are greatly affected, productivity decreases, and research and development also discourages. The bottom line is that the increasing cost of damage has a dynamic impact on our society. Many claim that by changing the current compensation system, we will have the opportunity to boost the economy while others feel that a new compensation system actually has an adverse effect on the development of new jobs.

Let's see how the current tort system is playing. The mother and the child choose to spend one afternoon afternoon in the pool of the local community. While the kid jumps into the water on the pool side, the mother goes up to enter something to drink. At the same time, the emergency rescue worker works in another area of ​​the pool. The child jumps to the shallow end, his head is plagued by the pool and paralyzed. Although the mother does not win the lawsuit in court, her allegation of caution in negligence will use legitimate prizes in defense.

We now apply current laws in all aspects of society and see how significant the problem is. For example, a woman who bought McDonald's hot coffee on his lap actually got money. He argued in the lawsuit that the coffee was too hot and did not give a warning, and not because it was defective for spillage. There are so many cases in which current tort law affects the economy of this society.

Keep in mind that the card system benefits. For example, unsafe products, inadequate practices, respectable solutions, are all good things. However, when we look at current laws and consider their advantages and disadvantages, some serious questions arise. When changing this law, something needs to be investigated to determine whether a new compensation system would actually increase the economy while still providing protection in the event of unlawful acts, damages or injuries

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