If you are a financial advisor who has ever struggled with rich potential clients, then the process or formula you need will follow your success. The one is much more frustrating than if there is not enough meeting, blow them when you get the chance. Here comes a formula.

With the formulas all typical human errors are removed. Replicable. It's like 2 + 2. When I do, I get 4. You'll get 4. You know, if you know a formula works – almost anyone who can "plug-in" heart rate the formula and get the same results. If you do not reduce everything you do in some form of business … you work too hard and never have a predictable result.

And the proper "formula" can be calculated. You will know exactly how many new customers and new money under control will be given in two months time; or 6 months; or 6 years in the case. It's easy and I'll show you how and why it works for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

So, let's go for what I call the Million Dollar Sales Formula …

Million Dollar Sales Formula Step 1:

We've all been expected to know how much we know they have to work with them, for some reason they decide not to. Often, financial advisers try to find out, try to figure out what went wrong – and you almost always think it is because you are: A) The customer is an idiot (sometimes true) or B) / sales process

On the other hand, on the other hand, I would say that the failure of our financial services sales was mostly due to something that we did much earlier than when we asked the business (you ask the business, right?). With the extensive trial and error I found out that we did not make the right "first impression" before the session process had begun. And that's why we lose customers that should never be lost.

How to solve this problem? If we do this "package", we can literally shut down 32.4% of the prospects before they meet you. I know, I measured without and without I can prove this exact number. Let me share with you the preparatory components that need to be implemented to significantly increase the closure ratio:

A meeting reminder letter map to your office along with instructions and prepare properly for the meeting. Think of it as a greeting letter and a short home-work session that ensures both time and time. The cover page should be printed on a professionally designed letterhead with a professionally crafted logo and the title of the web page. Whichever way you should absolutely have a web site – and it should be good and purpose. To see what I think, I'm happy to visit the website of my company – there is a relationship with the bio.

Confidential Personal Profile . With their name, birth date, first name of their child, etc. There must be no more than one page and you must ask the name of your current broker, adviser (they are different and your client will precisely determine what their current "advisors" are in their eyes), lawyer, accountant and insurance agent. At the same stage, you should give your prospects a 1 to 5 satisfaction scale to evaluate their current financial professionals.

Confidential Financial Profile . Now this basically means that it is – a place to answer some thinking financial questions, create a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet. You always have to ask them to change their financial position if they can only change one thing, just like what's really important for the money. Answers to this question will be vital to your meetings (please note that I said "meetings" and not a one-time meeting on one-man chat.)

Your PROFESSIONAL Business Card . Do not try to be cute, please do not put your picture and print your own. The card must be the city, the city, the village, the trunk … whatever the best law firm. If that sounds like a lot of work – that's it! But it's good to close your first big customer.

Step 2 of the Million Dollar Sales Formula:

The most important 45 minutes of initial meeting and sales process! 45 minutes? Well for those who have not studied direct marketing … let me enlighten you. The copyright-related advertisement says that the purpose of the headline (and everything you ever send is headline) is to read people from the first sentence. The first sentence is meant to get the view to read the second sentence and so on

The same is true of a well-executed sales process.

The only purpose of the first appointment is to conclude a second appointment. You can do this by limiting your first appointment that will allow you to ask questions about you, then ask about them for about thirty minutes and then wipe them off. If you have already sent a package, as described above, for each initial appointment, your prospects will arrive in your office with completed questionnaires and all your financial statements. If approx. It's 15 minutes left, just say

"Now that I know about you, I need to do the following steps: I'll do the completed information, the notes, and compile a statement and analyze an analysis that Personal I call the Retirement MAP, which shows in detail the specific areas of finance that can be improved and how long, seven weeks to move on to your report that you can do whatever you can do to make informed decisions that improve your finances enough. "

Did you see what I did? Did you notice the last two words? These are the two most important words of the career, guaranteed.

If you do it correctly, then no one will be able to withstand the second appointment. Now some people are asking how much it costs and tells them to be free, but will let them know what it matters, how much they have to pay if they take the educated decision to involve their services.

Seriously, this thing is whimsical that I just wrote it. You too too. Only in the first two steps I have already shown how to get at least a doubling percentage of rich financial planning customers. The Million Dollar Sales Formula Step 3

Second Appointment – Separating Boys From Boys

The antecedent of the meeting here is a tip: Make sure you thank you for your first appointment and remind you twice for the second meeting. Follow the same rules as paper quality and the like, and include another business card.

In actual appointments, make sure you re thank you for your prospects to come in and let them know you're happy to see them again – and always ask them if you have any questions before you start showing you the analysis.

The analysis should include (nothing more and nothing less):

* Morningstar Report on Funds / Variable Annuities

Asset Allocation Analysis

* Taxes, Long-term Health Needs, Real Estate Planning bullet-point style analysis and a quote about what to solve problems

And be honest here – everyone will have a problem. Especially Million Dollar customers. If you can not see their investments and show them how to save money on taxes, eliminate property taxes and improve their investments – you need a lot more than sales.

This step is really super easy.

"As Mr. and Mrs. Prospect are seen, with an estimated $ 4,000 in immediate profits this analysis has been identified with an additional $ 1,700 each year, so it would require around $ 20,000 in profits over the next ten years, for my $ 595.00 a step-by-step approach to a detailed action plan, fair enough? "

Some agree on the site, the other does not. Do not forget never, ever, never, ever, to urge the rapprochement. All of this is naturally very natural. Understand that the cause of people's work with you is not what you can do with them, but rather you do not trust and love them. Many people do not like intrusive sellers. Try it best to have very little tendency to do this.

And the prize – hey, that's all you could need, but you have to pay a fee. If you're not a payer, these people know that the other shoe has to fall off and is usually the one to sell them something for a commission. If it is only toll-free, it's never a problem; but if it is a fee or commission-based, then you need to design a new customer, PERIOD.

If you do not want to schedule their next appointment, just tell them to think about the next few days and keep track of their questions. The Million Dollar Sales Formula Step 4

The Ultimate New Client Purchasing Process!

I used to say I like systems and processes. They work well and are easily replicated to use them if they ever want to get to the big leagues of financial engineering. Million Dollar makers do this – so do what they do and you can get there.

So here's the process I'm using a new client:

Three Meetings – My clients sign up for my consultancy service (for the fee) and create an investment policy statement (for those who do not know what it is – basically outlines what the clients are aiming for and we will try to reach them as a consultant.) [19659002] Meeting Four – Transfer the transfer papers and new accountants. I always use brokerage accounts to collect assets and consolidate them first.

Meeting Five – Passing Clients Written Financial Plan and Investment Recommendations

Sixth Meeting – Three Months Review Meeting

Meeting Week – Another Three Months Review Meeting [19659002] Meet Customers Every Six Months.

Holy cow! This is a lot of meeting!

This is so – and they love it. This, my friends and colleagues, the rich ones want. They want a system, attention, WOW experience. Experience that is so different and is as superior to any other counselor in your area.

And let's go straight:

This process is simple. Anyone can learn. If you have at least one staff (and please get one as you can afford, if not), all you have to do is meet.

Finally, let's know that this system does not work for everyone. But that does not mean there is no system. Always identify what you know and remember to never stop things. If you can improve 4 to 6 steps, everything works well – you just created your own "formula"; and that is exactly what financial advisers need to reach the super sales heights.

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