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Terrance Roman - Author and Smart Photography Guru

Imagine never taking a new horrible close-up image macro image of your smartphone.

I have a goal that catches me. See, I really hate the horrible photos. And I hate them passionately. But the problem is that horrible pictures everywhere. Online photo sharing sites. In the media, whether printed or online. Your friend's photos of the last trip to somewhere cool. And there are terrible photos you did.

Do not forget to deny it. I know you

But that's okay. So yes. I have a terrible shot.

This is because no one takes every moment. Any photographer, professional or amateur or hobby; adult or teenager or older; and everybody makes bad recordings. This is not surprising.

But most of your shot is bad?

Maybe they are. There are many who are constantly making terrible recordings. If this is you, I have to say something. Not your fault. Not at all. While pressing the button itself and getting a terrible photo is done for one reason. He never learned how to make a good shot.

But that's normal. Photography is not taught by anyone who grows up. When I came in, most of my photos were horrible. But this is another story. Just a few pictures suck (ha ha!). But I'm fine. But this change did not happen overnight. PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROPOSED FOR LOOKING FOR LONG-TERM PROPERTY

You can take a number of routes to get a photo shoot. Let me tell you what's the best.

But before that, I need to know something on this site.

This site is dedicated to the macro and close-up photography on smartphones.

with DSLRs, dots and drives, and smartphones for different types of photography, I've placed this site at the heart of one of my favorite photos - a macro and a closeup on a smartphone.

He did that many, many books are general photography. But I did not find good resources just for macro and vicious when I was learning, and certainly not for smartphones.

When I Learned Teaching, You Make Awesome Macro and Close Shots

Can you imagine yourself making amazing macro and close-ups in the next few days or even hours? Read the reading and I'll show you how easy it is to start good recordings on your smartphone. And you do not have to use the best smartphone or the greatest equipment.

You will learn that the right technique is best for you.

Let's start by making most people better.

3 Typical ways to get better in shooting

I'm covering traditional ways to improve your shooting skills.

Could you think of yourself "Do not make photos and get better with time"? Well, although I'm going to pick up a lot of photos, my short answer is not. This strategy will not work well.

But do not worry. I'll explain why she's going to go further.

Remember, though these strategies can be obvious, I will cover the advantages and disadvantages of all that may be less obvious. Specifically, as it relates to close-ups and macro recordings on your smartphone.

The most common approach that you can use to improve your shooting skills is to use Good ol & # 39; Trial and Error.

On the surface you may think that is what I mentioned earlier. Just take a lot of photos and be magically better. Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately, this usually does not work that way. Most photos did not necessarily be a better photographer.

In fact, if you are reading this now, you can bet that you've made a lot of photos, but your skills are not the way I want it.

And this is usually in most cases, if not all people. The problem is that it needs to be improved, some things really have to happen. You will need:

I guess you do not usually think about most of this when you shoot a photo, right?

That's okay. Who the hell are you doing?

In fact, yes. And so are a lot of successful photographers. But that's hard work. Make great efforts and make poor recordings until you find the "ha ha" moment and start good shooting.

But this is the best way to use a methodical procedure

. some of the key benefits of this method. First, it's free! Yes that is right. You can start the methodology of photography now and do not have to spend a penny.

Secondly, I think you're learning the lesson very well. In my experience, time and effort strive to recall something, usually a long way to ensure that you really understand and never forget the lesson.

But there are some great disadvantages as well.

First, VERY TIMELY. And I understand that. They expect you to spend a lot of hours in the weeks and months to the really appropriate level. I know this as I went (and still). And the second question is that it is limited to your acceptance. And I do not mean to be biased with people or anything. What I'm saying is more likely to ignore development areas or techniques because they do not know what they are doing and have their own unique way to look at things.

to learn from other sources as people look at things differently than they would never have thought.

I'm going to help you, I'll show you how to evolve much faster and discover techniques you might not have taken into account.

The next best way to improve the reading of educational photos is. It sounds pretty simple, and frankly I read a lot. I taught countless amounts of books and magazines and still read.

But the point is, with this approach, you simply can not read the book and it is magically better.

What you need to do is do what you are ready to practice. And soon you want to do it after learning a useful technique.

There are two reasons to immediately test the technique. First, some techniques are not simple. You may have to spend time training it to be right, or you can beat it when you really need it.

The second reason is that human memory is not perfect. Even if the reading technique is simple, you will probably forget it when you need it. However, if you first practice it several times, you should remember to use it later.

In my eyes, one of the most important advantages of reading photo books is to learn the perspective of another photographer from their ideas. Different people can have different ways of doing things and often inspire.

Another great advantage is that many, many photographic books exist. If you like the subject in general, you will not have enough material to watch for a long time.

But the biggest deterioration you want to learn is no books on the subject. 19659002] If you want to learn the macro and the close-ups of smartphones, there are books.

At least I did not find it. And I looked hard because I wanted to learn this.

What you have to do is what I've done. Read a few books about macro and close-up photography (which are usually DSLR-specific), then read smartphone camera books (which are common) and you will need to find the body of the two knowledge.

is the second major disadvantage - it's all very time consuming. After reading a lot of material and figuring out how it is integrated, it takes time and body and mind body. I went through and did not like me.


Another way to go. And I've taken some courses from professionals and I have to say it's worth the time.

Professionals are photographed and are familiar with many aspects of art.

If you live in a larger city you have to find many opportunities for you, but in smaller cities it is more difficult to find people who teach.

The great advantage is that you get direct teaching in the classroom. You can see how exactly the technique needs to be done, but more importantly, you can ask questions about how it happened. And most professionals explain why some techniques are needed.

I do not believe that clients teach close-ups and macro lessons for smartphones.

Most pro DSLRs are centered so you can not find what you need

But that's okay. I'll show you everything you need for close-ups and macro photos on your smartphone.

The 3 Failures of Making Your Own

Close-up and Macro Smartphone Photography

The fact that you read this site tells you that your flaws are followed by close-ups and macro recordings. But what many people find difficult to understand is what the mistake is.

Believe me, for the sake of better understanding, you need to understand what mistakes you require to fix them.

is the most common mistake you can take.


The most common and most critical mistake made by many budding photographers is the inappropriate use and / or manipulation of light. the most important element of all the photos. There would be no picture without light, just blackness.

One area you have to learn is very good exposure. Exposure is about fixing the right amount of light in a photo. Too little light (like this cat's eye), and you do not see the details very well.

There are too many lights on each part of the image to blur.


Another common mistake is that many people are learning to shoot because they are obscure.

Blurred image may be highly exposed and complex, but still blurred, but the image is unclear

This is especially true of macro photography where it is more likely to get a blurry picture.


There are many reasons why the recordings are not interesting. But the most important reason is often related to the composition

The composition essentially means that the subject and other elements are within the frame of the photo.

Although this seems rather advanced, it is not.

Remember that you are an artist in photography and as a artist you have to give a story with your image. And while the subject, the foreground, the background, and all the other elements play a role in actually being the composition of all that is the real story.

19659002] If you're wondering how to implement these ideas, do not worry. Most of them have many ways to solve the underlying problems.

Let me show you how to create these ideas and even more to practice.

And when you start using your instructions, you'll get significantly better close and macro pictures on your smartphone right away.

Maybe you wondering how this is possible?

Most people are getting better in the traditional way. I have outlined the above (trial, error, reading and professional lessons).

However, even if you do any or all of your routes, it still takes time to improve. But once you're there, you'll start developing fast shots.

I'm going to show these hotkeys for photos of close-ups and macros smartphones.

This allows you to bypass the long, frustrating phase of what you've learned and find the best way to apply it

I've been through for a long time and do not want to suffer from it.

Personally Impatient

I like to learn how to do things in the fastest, easiest way to do it. So I've developed these shooting techniques

And that's exactly what I'll pass on to you.

But would you like something you can not find anywhere else?

What you want to learn is a very simple, easy to learn secret. But this simplicity makes it so strong. This is the Fortune 500 company, the most successful technical company, and I've been using it for photography. And the secret that it just sounds, right? This. But how does it help with photography?

Simple. By repeating EXACT SAME STEPS, you can create a macro or close-up photo with your smartphone and then increase the number of great shots.

Of course, this depends on an important aspect. That the steps you take will make a good shot. It lasted for many months and kept fruitful photography until it finally worked. And this was documented to create a repeatable process.

Of course, anyone can do this.

What is raised in the question why not everyone does this?

For a while I fought this question. I knew that everybody here and there are some good shots, so why not follow the same process that worked on the recorded shots?

Then two things got me up.

First, lovers of most photography are probably NOT WARNING how to make footage. SO, when he was successful, they did not realize why, but he was just happy he was good. On the other hand, most people have no analytical background. There is a background in the financial sector with regard to the role of strict processes. And in my surroundings, when things go wrong, people lose money and knock people out. So I got a good training.

But if you take advantage of this opportunity today to get exceptional close-ups and macro imagery with your smartphone, you get 40%.

With this e-book, you can quickly learn how to create incredible close-ups and macro shots on your smartphone, using a 10-step system to consistently make phenomenal shots instead of making some good shots for the stupid luck. By following these easy-to-follow steps, you can achieve consistent results and reduce wasted time and virtually eliminate stress.

Remember, this whole program is a simple program that will guarantee you right.

All you have to do is read the eBook and follow. It's so simple.

You do not have to spend hours and hours reading general cameras while thinking about how to use techniques for close-ups and macro recordings on smartphones.

This product is not in PDF format, you can download the eBook instantly and start reading it on any device anywhere, anytime. This means avoiding unnecessary shipping fees and import duties (for international buyers). This way you can find out when and where you want it on any device that reads PDFs:

This guide shows you the best practices and advanced techniques and the tricks you need to get stunning macro and close-ups over and over again . easily on the smartphone.

This course is the pain of my product. After doing a lot of effort to finally make macro macro recordings, I realized that I wanted to help others to avoid failure.

Before I did this, I was looking at many macros and cameras, or very general, very complicated, or simply not helping.

This e-book was created to fill the niche you really need.

As a bonus for a few more

These books make your life much easier, so you can make it much faster and save money than to buy expensive accessories.

This Guide For Those Who Want It Now!

While this guide alone will not become a master, it will surely show you how to quickly and easily improve your macro and close-ups. The results result in far better recordings, all with techniques that you can use for a few minutes after downloading.

This guide is designed for people who are doing business and saving money.

to bypass the equipment of smartphone photography and find out how to make a lot of your own equipment with objects around your home.

This plan includes 13 lessons to be completed all along (especially a beginner).

Designed to develop your skills, including the basics, to create a great macro or close-up; deals with more complex subjects such as lighting and composition; helping to develop your own style and / or theme; and much more.

Unlike most other e-books, on your side, efforts are made to reach expert level.



The guarantee is very simple. If you do not make better macro and close-ups on your smartphone within 60 days of purchasing e-books, you will receive a 100% refund. Duration

You do not need any reason, and I will not say no.

I recommend that I do not want to sell something that did not help people achieve goals. So the risk is to make a good product.

Now download the e-books and add a shot. If the macro and close-ups on the smartphone do not improve significantly in 60 days, there is nothing to lose.

Your photos will be impressive! Totally Guaranteed

I'd say it's a non-brainer, right?

Get started with an instant download, all at a low price:

E-book will be downloaded immediately after payment

Hi! My name is Terrance and I'm the author of e-books. I hope you like reading what you are reading and smartphone photography is so fun to you as I do.

If you're really curious to feel your close-up and macro recordings well on our smartphone, I'm sure those e-books will help you.

I spent more than 15 years learning how to improve these recordings. And now you can easily learn.

Remember, if you do not like e-books, you will get a full refund. I will not abuse you, and I will not say no. In fact, all transactions are processed by ClickBank, one of the leaders in the sale of digital information products.

I am looking forward to seeing stunning images!

E-books are beautifully designed for a pleasant reading experience, not a tough, ugly Word document layout, so many other authors use it.

He avoided being too "outspoken". We both know I do not write a literature. This is an e-book from which you can learn as quickly as possible.

Design is very easy to read and very quick to scan. So do not have to read pages and pages containing dry text to get what you want!

Your e-book will be downloaded immediately after payment

Take the smartphone's macro and close-up capabilities to the next level

- there's nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with the product, you will receive a full refund

But you have a lot of profits.


Your e-book will be downloaded immediately after payment [19659002] The simple answer is not. All you have to do is use the app for the basic device that your phone has received and most of all, if not all, you can read about the recordings.

Of course, many free and paid apps are available for iOS, Android and BB OS phones that allow for greater control and more editing. I do not need you, but I suggest you try at least some free for free, you have some nice effects you can get.

In most cases, no photo processing was performed. However, there are some recordings where I have processed the phone. But there are only a few of these.

No work has been done outside the phone (such as Photoshop, LightRoom, MS Paint, etc.). Everything was on the phone.

This is just for you. But I'm sure even if you use any of the 6 Secrets for better shots, you can get better results right away.

Of course, as you walk through the entire manual, including the 10-step process and the 13 lessons, you're making stunning footage!

Absolutely yes. These e-books have been made for people who lack moderate knowledge of macro photography and close-up photography. You do not need previous experience apart from knowing how to use your smartphone's camera in general.

If you are an advanced smartphone photographer, but do not do a lot of close-ups and / or macro captures, you can learn these e-books.

However, if you are a professional and make macro shots with your smartphone, it would be difficult to buy it. Unless you are looking for more material, I would suggest you insist on what you know.

As the warranty claims, if you fail, after you've passed my program, you can simply request a refund within 60 days of the purchase and do not cause any discomfort! If you have Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, or even a Windows phone, you can use it to make sure that it is not working properly.

This will work with all smartphones

if you have a camera, these techniques will work

Your eBook will be available for immediate download after payment

Why not let Ultimate Smartphone Closeup and Macro Guide prove it?

You will be able to speed up your skills, saving your reading, trial and error in weeks and months and, of course, expensive lessons.

Your e-book will be instantly downloaded after payment [19659002] Copyright 2014 - Ultimate Smartphone Close-up Macro Guide - All Rights Reserved

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