Frequent American residents (ie green cardholders) are often called by adult children who want to know how parents can become US citizens if a parent can not learn English history tests and / or does not speak very well in English. I've created an article for your two most common scripts, which I answer weekly on Lena Korial-Yonan, P.A.:19659002. My mother is entitled to US citizenship because she has received a green card for 5 years and has no extensive travel or crime. The problem is that you do not speak English or English, and you can not study the history test. Any solution?

The USCIS has rules that relate to the age of the applicant and how long the green card was, which could exempt them from having to perform the American English history test and release them from the N -400, as well as reading and written exams. Please read the following question.

However, here the applicant only receives the green card for 5 years, so the only solution is to examine whether the applicant is entitled to resign from medical disability. Resignation for medical disabilities is done by a licensed general practitioner, licensed clinical psychologist or other specialist physician in the United States with the USCIS N-648 Disability Relief Certificate. The form must be completed in a special way and with specific wording / responses before USCIS approves medical resignation. To complete a medical disability form, the parent company, the N-400 applicant, must provide the test to determine if he / she can learn or remember basic things. This test may also include the basic information that the parent has explained and may include basic exams where the parent company places a circular object with a circular object.

For example, in the case of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, for example, N-648, Medical Disability Exemption, which states that because of your intellectual constraints you can not study the US historical test. The most important limitation to attending N-648 is that the resulting mental disability can not be the result of drug use

Our Immigration Attorney's Office has successfully completed medical exemptions made by doctors chosen by the applicant for the mental state of dementia. Alzheimer's and schizophrenia. Please note that these cases are mentioned and in no way guarantee that your case will have similar results to both the listed mental conditions and the USCIS area with which you will be citizenship. Please contact an experienced immigration attorney who has detailed analysis of your specific case

. Although we do not have a physician (s) at our Immigration Attorney's Office to fill out an N-648 form, you will know if a certain type of doctor can fill the form on your behalf. The N-648 form is also for the sake of completeness as USCIS is strictly licensed by the licensed physician for the approval of the English nationality applicant. If the US Immigration Office approves the N-648 form, the US citizenship applicant does not have to undertake any investigation to approve the N-400 form at a wedding.

in the USCIS district office in Jacksonville Fl, copying a N-648 copy of the N-400 application to the original N-648 with the N-400 interview. Of course, you can specify the original N-648 in the original announcement if you want. Be sure to keep a copy of Form N-648 as it is not uncommon for USCIS to make some changes to Form N-648 before your case can be approved. My mother is 65 years old and has lived in the US for over 20 years as a green card holder. You still have to do the English test, etc.

No, your mother must select a modified version of the Citizens' Test in the chosen language. No read or written test is required. The N-400 interview, which includes an overview of the details of the N-400 and asks whether your mother has ever been arrested, US taxes, etc. Complete with the translator, 400 interviews. You have to have a translator for the N-400 interview so that the translator can translate civil matters into your mother tongue.

The age groups leaving English in reading and written exams are:

· 65 years old and 20 years or more in the United States as a green card holder.

· 55 years old, and a green card holder in the United States for 15 years or more.

· 50 years old and resident in the United States as a Green Card Owner 20 or older

Repeatedly applicants who meet one of the above categories are eligible for a Citizens' Test in their preferred language [19659002] I hope the above the answers given to questions from Lena Korial-Yonan, my Paris Immigration Attorney's Office. adult children of elderly parents who had a green card for 5 years and now want to be American citizens.

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