Couples sometimes neglect the occasions to peacefully resolve disputes when they participate in the emotion and stress of divorce and divorce. This is particularly true of parental and child custody matters. If the two sides are willing to work together and avoid a meeting room, mediation may be more favorable, but in many cases, both sides feel strongly that they are the right parents. In such cases, the parties rely on an impartial judge to rule on the facts. Before you judge your children in prison, you need to know what factors help shape your case while avoiding the pitfalls.

Construction of Matters

The only guarantee in an arrest war that no one wins. During the trial, the opposition tries to identify the aspects in which they seem to be unsuccessful as parents, even if they think that they have done the best job possible. If you make bad decisions in certain areas, your hope is to persuade the judge that these decisions do not prevent you from being the most appropriate guardian of the child (s). The following steps will help you prepare your case for custody:

1) Know Your Role

Wearing the title of a "mother", "father" or "grandparent" will not hold weight in the courtroom. Prove that you are the best parent. In addition to the title, the role of the child should be determined. You should take into account the "awakening time" spent daily by your child, so you are ready to discuss what you do on a particular day or weekend with your child. The presentation of the great experience you gave to your child only helps your case.

2) Keeping Good Records

There is not enough love and responsibility strong for your child. When preparing the supervision hearing, strive to document what your child is doing. Get ready to count on what financial, mental, educational, emotional, and physical support you provide. It may be wise to keep a diary in cases when you think a lawyer or judge can find it useful. Judges are more interested in what you do, than telling them what the other party does not do. [3] Homework – literally

. they are related to school performance and participation. It can be emphasized the pattern of history or positive participation in the child's education. Good indicators include the involvement of the Parent-Teachers' Association (PTA), the participation in parent-teacher conferences and the child-related school communication protocols.

The following list indicates situations that can be avoided:

1) Do not assume

We never assume that a judge is on a gender, financial stability or any other factor related to the surface gives you the advantage over your opponent. Arrest is simply a question of which party will provide the child (s) with the probability of growing up in the best environment. Arrest is a character issue.

2) Playing a Wrong Game

Many people heard the saying, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer." In oversight matters, it is important not to find it too critical or to find it wrong to the opposition. Both parents have a role in the outcome of the case. If it appears that you are unwilling to cooperate with the other party or does not consider your claim satisfactory, the judge may look at it negatively. In addition, if the case is not for you, the other party will prefer to apply your needs if they are less attacked during the arrest. Keep in mind that you do more about what you are doing as a parent and less about what the other parent does not do.

3) Those in your circle

Not everyone has access to your child (rEN). Too often, the parents are judged by the retained company. Attending numerous or unstable friendships and relationships can negatively affect the way a judge sees a safe and stable environment for child rearing. [4] Convincing Habits

In the case of arrest, the past is back to haunt. It should not be subordinated to, or become accustomed to drugs and alcohol. Nothing says more about losing control than drugs, sexual and / or physical abuse. Again, these questions are about the character of the individual, and the judges undermine such negative habits.

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