What is BPAD (Behavioral Personnel Evaluation Tool)?

SHOW TIME … BPAD, also known as the Video Simulation Exercise, is an assessment exercise that requires you to watch a screen on your TV monitor. The scenario shows how police officers experience the job. You should be asked to respond as if people on the screen talk to you. It is not necessary to know the police procedures for the investigation. But that will surely help. Experienced policemen would perform very well this part of the test.

Assesses the individual's interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills in managing people in difficult situations, such as meeting police officers. So the more you know about how the officers react to different difficult interpersonal situations, the better the B-Pad's performance.

B-PAD Basics

When capturing BPAD, you can watch video simulations on a TV or computer monitor. Simulations are based on police interpersonal meetings of real life. It is our expectation that you will literally answer as if you were talking to real people in a real situation. Responses to video clips and then standardized criteria. It is based on the assumption that the best indicator of future behavior is behavior in similar situations.

Important hint:

By introducing responses in logical order, the scores are significantly elevated. It shows logically thinking examiners and has design and organizational skills. Examiners do not find the perfect solution, but how to find the solution and communicate their findings.

BPAD tests human skills

Does the law enforcement officer have to work effectively with people? "B-PAD video tests measure people's skills and judgment and will not test their knowledge or personality, but rather test your interpersonal competence.B-PAD measures the behavioral skills and abilities B-PAD is a preferred form of testing as this is a valid and fair method for candidate behavior under standardized test conditions. For example, oral interview requires candidates to indicate what they can do "in a hypothetical response on the other hand, B-PAD requires the candidate to be able to play his own role playing role-player response [19659002] What can you expect when applying BPAD?

You will receive oral and written instructions when you take BPAD. Then you get the instructions from the video moderator again and you have the opportunity to view and respond to the practice scenario. Incident scenarios, such as an enigmatic citizen, an angry car, a sub-employee, etc. All scenarios are 1-2 minutes long. After the script is ready, the word "answer" on the screen and the set time (usually about 45 seconds) will appear to respond to the script as if it were in real-life situations for real people. 19659002] Preparing for the B-Pad

Preparing for the B-Pad, just as you prepare for the role play. In fact, the same thing, unless it reacts to a real person when responding to a video cassette.

Irate Citizen Performance Tips:

The Irate Citizen exercise tests the candidate's ability to analyze and improve citizenship issues and to disgrace an irate citizen. The raging citizen on the video tape will be controversial and will test the candidate's ability to maintain his calm and treat stress.

Actors appreciate communication, interpersonal sensitivity, judgment, and professionalism. The success of this practice depends on the ability to demonstrate these properties.

Example of an Enigma for Civilian Practice:

You may receive a letter that reads; Jones officials see Joseph Smith on 1218 North 78th Street, a citizen's complaint. A team was there before, and the citizen was not satisfied with the service.

The candidate then knocks on the door, and the video cassette begins: The citizen opens with a statement like "I can not believe you came in. I called him four times"

An irish citizen continues to say something like this; "I called for the reason because someone entered the car and the team took 45 minutes, only took the information, did not take a fingerprint and left."

Suggested Answer –

Hello, I'm a Jones Officer, sorry for your inconvenience, even though you've called me four times, I just received the call ten minutes ago as soon as I knew that I could help with the problem.

The applicant must struggle with the irritated mood of the citizen while trying to solve the problem. This is a trick that tests the candidate's reaction.

Always remember that part of the test is your composition.

If the candidate remains calm and continues to solve the problem, the irate citizen role-player is usually test directors instructed to calm down. If the candidate has accomplished this task, he gets a high score for this exercise. Things to consider when handling an angry citizen:

1. Role-play.

2nd You represent the organization.

3rd It is your job to: a. Calm down an irreligious citizen. b. They offer solutions that help citizenship.

4th Stress management and restlessness are part of the test.

5th Always be calm and respectful.

6th Use logic and be professional.

7th Explain the organizational policy, but do not apologize for it.

8th Keep track of deadlines. Solve the problem before the time runs out.

ninth Please indicate that you have a discussion with all parties concerned, examine the complaint and return to the citizen with the results of the investigation. Specify specific dates and times to return the citizen to the results.

An example of a terrible angry motorcycle:

You got a female pilot out of his car and he gets upset to bother him because he's growing up and asks if this is done for the women's leaders. She tells women: "I need you to pick up your Drivers License and bring it to me and then sit in your seat and the car and I'll be with you in a minute." If she does not answer, she says, "please go back to your car. " Then pick up the driver's license and make him a rodent ticket and the original quote.

Be polite, but be sure if you need to. Always remember, we have to control the scene – do not let it run. BPAD may be a bit intimidating, but if you take into account these principles and concepts, you will have a much better chance of success.

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