WHY is Master always in the United States? "And yet you are a man and not a deity,

But you can think of yourself

like a god. "28: 2

God reigns in the world and not with power, otherwise there would be no freedom or rule of law, one should neither believe nor disbelieve, nothing and no one can force one to believe. There is no scientific discovery, logic, torture of the mind can not force us to believe anything or even accept the Supreme The architect of the universe, however, as this power is recognized and enveloped, becomes ineffective that reminds us of Jesus for the baptism of mustard. ] Freemasons represent this power: in a section of the freedom fighters, the candidate is instructed that the master is always east, while the senior and the junior leaders are always in the west and south. Explain why the Masons are most attractive his veterans quickly suggest that it is simply because always so it was. While this explanation is true for a certain point, it is incomplete and completely enlightened. [19] It is something that something is capable of and something that is capable of empowering a person who has the power, such as the master of the host. When they have said everything, it is the power that is the real and unique power. Force or force is merely a tool that can be used to remedy a lack of competence. Where the authority exists in the purest form, you can feel and feel the breath of the sacred magic of the mysticism – the essence of the divine being. [19] In the settlement, the master of the hut entrusts a hammer, his installing officer says that it is an emblem of power that can be used for great goodness or for greater evil acts. Here is the point that the true Masonic power is carrying the law and not a weapon. The first great Master of the Freemason, Solomon, king of Israel, describes the Freemason rituals of placing the ruler above Israel rather than another weapon, and thus is the prime example of how the Masonic authority should practice or practice.

Kabbalah teaches that all power has a source in the unimaginable name of Godhead – YHVH – and that all laws come from this name. The clear conclusion here, just as in any Mormon refuge, is that the human carrier of power does not replace divine power. Instead, he renounces his will and allows them to become the leader of divine power. In the East, the Master renounces action, as opposed to obedience, serves easily duty and movement in favor of standing guard. In other words, the Master keeps his post and basically dominates the law.

Enemy is symbolized by the hammer, which further symbolizes the master's degree that the Master must practice if his powers are ever effective. The Master who shouts his opposition shouts to formulate the question, purely politicizes his house, or unusual logical or logical instructions do not exercise this retention. Instead, he took steps to prevent the brethren from depriving the loving guidance of deity. A master who is aware that the hammer represents the yard retains naturally its impulsive nature so as not to enter and replace God as the lodge leader.

The lesson of such retention is not new, it is simply applied to the brother as to power, and to the brothers who are obliged to follow. So it is not the person who holds the Freemasonry authority dominant: it is the supreme architect of the universe. Candidates are rejected in their Masonic career as a compass is a valuable tool to teach you to keep your desires and passions within the right limits when you work with other men, especially other freemasons. This form of retention comes directly to the benefit of your brother or individual who is directly in contact with a mason. The form of detention attached to the Master forms the whole house, the whole brothers, and all those outside the estate that all his brothers are in contact with.

Whenever he holds the responsibility at all times, at the East Station the Master declares that he has given himself the divine name, the YVHV, which is the source of true authority. It also indicates that he not only renounced the freedom of physical movement but also the intellectual movement. In each Mansion of Freemasonry, it is intended that emptiness should be performed only after a prayerful meeting with the Supreme Architect in the divine, ie physical and intellectual movement.

In addition to Master's position, Master also means that he has renounced any personal mission or effort to promote his own appreciation. He literally became anonymous. His name has renounced his divine unimaginable name, and thus became the embodiment of lasting laws and ordinances.

Master's duty to exercise this restriction is best with the following commands:

(1) be humble and full;

(2) to wear and remain new;
(3) be empty to receive much from God;

(4) chase does not reward you so you can not be embarrassed;

(5) avoid your approval and note;

(6) He gives glory to those around you, that they may live well; and

(7) do not compete with the brothers because there is no one who can compete with you – he has power

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