Private network is actually a network attached to a person or business that is specifically intended for a person or business. I think you can use a law firm as an example. There are currently 5 offices and each computer is connected to one computer through the corporate network. The only purpose of this network is to find customers, inquire into issues and perform other tasks related to the task. Specifically, this network will probably be a VPN or a virtual private network. What makes this virtual network? This is a VPN because home lawyers or laptops can safely access the private network via a separate Internet connection.

The advantages of using VPN for enterprise needs is that all inbound and outbound data encrypts it is not easy to find someone who can not access the information. It was discovered, generally shortly after the event occurred, that someone broke the network and was able to fetch all incoming and outgoing data. These data may generally include personal and highly confidential information. So it's wise to keep up the information.

The use of a private network is subject to the provision of access levels for certain people. If there is a problem that you sometimes do, you will probably not be able to contact the secretary to reveal the necessary information because they warn you not to, especially if this is a very secure network. Another advantage of using the privatized network is the allowed bandwidth, which is always regulated and unable to work a lot in non-business hours. In addition, all traffic is normally regulated, bandwidth limits are set and can be extremely costly during maintenance as a public network.

An example of a public network may be AT & T. It is more a WAN than a "public network". There is a centralized server, then there are multiple location servers. Public networks are used for communications, energy networks and so on. It is used in its most desirable area. This eliminates the need for many private networks to connect to another private network. When you use your mobile phone, the network used is actually public, even if an unspecified carrier billed. The advantage of using public networks is that they serve more than just a private network. While a private network can be assigned to a single building, the public network is determined by the distance between features and uses. The disadvantage of using a public network is that it is prone to natural disasters, human errors, bandwidth, and many other things.

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