In the Immigration Court removal procedure, the exemption provided for in Article 245 (e) (3) of Immigration and Citizenship to the Court of Appeal requires the approval of a good faith written application bona fide (INA ) to certify the status of a citizen

A written request for a good faith exemption is set out in I-130. Form Alien Relative Petition 8 CFR 204.2 (a) (1) (iii) (A) to avoid a stay outside the United States for a period of two years from the date of the marriage, in accordance with section 204 (g) of the INA [19659003] bona (19459003), in order to determine the eligibility for exemption, I-130. Applicant of a standard form: (1) indicate the grounds for seeking an exemption; and 2. submit documents confirming that the marriage was in good faith and not merely as a foreigner's admission to only 8 Cf. 204.2 (a) (1) (iii) (A) and (B)

Types of documents Good faith marriage :

(Form I-130) on the spouse's approved status, unless the marriage has been made during the withdrawal / deportation process, there is clear and conclusive evidence of good faith.

Evidence Required by 8 CFR Except for the exemption of 204.2 (a) (1) (iii) (B) of exemption 19459003 the following are but are not limited to:


(2) a lease for joint rental of a common residence;

(3) documentation of the collection of financial resources;

(4) the petitioner's birth certificate and the beneficiary; [5] the conclusion of a spouse's relationship with third parties with knowledge of the spouse's spouses, including the name and address, date and place of birth of the person and the relationship between the statement and the spouses, if any and providing full information and details which explains how the person learned about marriage and, if possible, supported by documented evidence.

The decision of the service is given in I-130. Form and request Good faith Today bona bona Failure to abstain from marriage and the presentation of clear and convincing evidence of bona fide marriage (Form I-130) deny I-130. type visa application.

In fact, even if the alien spouse is in the Immigration Court, I-130. and a written request for bona fide maternity leave is determined by the Service and not by the Immigration Judge.

In the I-130. the Immigration Judge decides that the foreign person is in I-485 in the removal procedure, and after the granting of bona fide maternity leave, certificate.

If the government's district legal counsel is in I-130. after the approval of a visa application form, the removal procedure is terminated, the Service decides I-4. Form

Appeal on refusal of petition and refusal of statements :

If I-130 A number of visa applications have been approved, "the primary proof is the entitlement to maternity leave of 19459002 [8] (c) (8) (v)

if fide A form is refused to grant eligibility for a maternity leave for the Virginia Falls Church Board of Appeal on EOIR-29 for $ 110.00 (19459003) bona bona remuneration, within 30 calendar days of receipt of the notification of delivery of the delivery order (33 days if notice was given) and sent to the USCIS District Office refusing the petition.

If the alien I-485. (19459004) of 19459002 refusal to appeal to the Washington Administrative Appeal Unit (I-290B) may be appealed at USD 585.00 and USCIS, PO Box 805887, Chicago, IL 60680-4120 , within 30 calendar days of receipt of notification of service (33 days if notice is given)

Acquisition of a good-faith marriage with clear and conclusive evidence (amount of evidence to combat marriage fraud) requires settlement and provides sufficient evidence to comply the overwhelming evidence (51%) to achieve a higher level of clearer and more convincing evidence

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